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Hallmark Channel News: Home And Family Star Cameron Mathison In New Movie

Hallmark Channel News: Home And Family Star Cameron Mathison In New MovieWe’ve got good news for Cameron Mathison fans! The actor, who is best known for his role as Ryan Lavery on All My Children, has just signed up for a new exciting role and we’ve got all of the details that you need to know right here.

Cameron Mathison In New Hallmark Movie

According to reports, Mathison has joined the cast of an upcoming Hallmark Christmas movie. And if there is something that daytime television fans love just as much as their soaps, it’s the Hallmark network.

The movie is called The Christmas Club and from what we know already, Mathison is in good company. He will be co-starring in the film alongside actress Elizabeth Mitchell. Mathison will play a character by the name of Edward Taylor while Mitchell plays a woman by the name of Olivia Bennett.

Apparently, the two meet and help out an elderly woman who lost her Christmas savings. In the meantime, they end up falling in love. Sounds like a movie that we would love to watch while snuggling in our favorite Christmas pajamas during the winter months. How exciting!

Hallmark Channel News – Keeping Things Together

Cameron Mathison is one actor and television personality that sure does love to keep busy. When asked how he manages to juggle all of his different projects, Mathison told TV Insider in an interview, “It really does take a lot of foresight and planning. I try to plan things out and make sure I’m not overdoing it and I make sure it makes sense for the family. We made sure we worked with ET on this. It was a joint decision and they’re all super-psyched for me. As far as the movies I do for Hallmark that’s all going to have to be worked out. I’m doing another movie for them this month and after I finish that, I start Home & Family [full time]. It’s all falling into place. The timing has been out of this world! I got lucky. A lot of this business is timing.”

With that said, we have a feeling that we will be seeing much more of this soap alum in the future!

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