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General Hospital Rumors: Heartbroken Sam Hits The Bottle, Follows In Mom’s Footsteps?

General Hospital: Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) General Hospital rumors suggest that Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) is about to go into a downward spiral as Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) goes public with his relationship with Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud). Will Sam hit the bottled after realizing too late that Jason is who she wants?

General Hospital Rumors – Sam McCall Wanted To Be Free

General Hospital’s Sam wanted to have a danger-free life and broke up with Jason. After years of being jerked around by Sam, Jason is ready to move on. Jason teamed up with Britt to take down Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober).

However, while working together, Jason and Britt developed an attraction to each other and have chosen to act on it. Now that Jason and Britt have slept together, they are ready to go public with their relationship. Of course, this means that Sam will eventually learn about them if Jason doesn’t inform Sam of the relationship himself. Considering Sam’s history when it comes to Jason with other women, how will she react to this relationship?

GH Spoilers & Rumors – Jason Morgan Has Moved On

General Hospital’s Jason could not wait to get home to Sam and their son. Jason fought for five years to reclaim his family. Unfortunately, when Jason returned, he found Sam married to someone else. Later Sam pushed him out of her life again to save her sister.

Now Sam has broken things off yet again and Jason has had enough. Jason is attracted to Britt and is determined to see where this goes. Jason is ready to step out on the town with his new love interest and no one’s opinion matters. Can Jason and Britt make a go of things in Port Charles?

General Hospital Rumors – Sam McCall Can’t Handle The Loss

General Hospital’s Sam has loved Jason for years. Now Sam is having a very difficult time dealing with losing Jason to someone else. Sam could easier fall into the same trap as her mother Alexis Davis (Nancy Lee Grahn). Alexis is an alcoholic and her addiction has landed her in prison. Sam has been very critical of her mother and the choices she has made.

Will Sam start drinking to deal with Jason’s new life? Sam could realize that she should have held onto Jason and worked things out with him instead of cutting Jason off. When Sam and Jason broke up before she drank heavily and made some very bad decisions. Will Sam fall back into old patterns to deal with their separation?

If Sam turns to drink it could certainly cause problems with her children. After all, Sam is pretty much a single mother dealing with two children. Can Sam keep her kids safe if she’s drinking?

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  1. Guest says

    Not all women become drunks when a relationship ends. Just saying!
    Especially with all Sam has seen Alexis go through.
    Sam and her holier-than-thou attitude put this mess in motion so I have no sympathy for her. I've always been a Jasam fan but not so much now. I'm all in for Jason and Britt…

  2. Judy Gaddis says

    I haven't been a fan of Sam for quite awhile now – it's the way her character has been written. Also I noticed a decline in the chemistry between Kelly and Steve several months ago long before the Sam and Jason breakup. I am totally in now with Jason and Britt. I hope it turns out that she isn't seriously ill just because she has the "marker" and her hands shaking, etc. is from something completely different.

    Sam kicked Jason to the curb so I don't have any sympathy for her being jealous now that he has moved on with Britt. As far as her drinking goes, there is supposed to be a heredity factor where alcoholism is concerned so taking into account Alexis' problem with alcohol I wouldn't be surprised if Sam ends up trying to drown her sorry in a bottle.

  3. Guest says

    I have always wanted Jason with Elizabeth together, but Britt and Jason has won me over, big time! Ever since Billy Miller left, Sam and Jason have been boring together.

  4. Guest says

    Sam could hit the bottle, following into the footsteps of her mother (Alexis), but who can get her back on track? Would it be Dante, or a new Port Charles male resident to be her new boyfriend for romance?

    Sam has been following difficult times since she lost her ex-husband (Jason) to Britt (now Jason's girlfriend) for romance.

    Sam must move on with an another man, as she'll try to apologize to Jason, by being friend with him forever, since Britt has become Jason's girlfriend for romance & not dangerous work.

  5. Guest says

    I think that it is a disgrace that the writers want to make Sam a drunk. GH used to have strong women. Now they are either drug addicts or drunks. Maybe that is why the ratings down. Keep up this crazy way of writing and GH will be off the air very soon. Get rid of Nina. Keep Sonny and Carly together. Bring Lulu back. Take GH back to the greatness it should be.

  6. Guest says

    I love Britt and Jason finally writter's you got this right. To bad so sad Sam your lose. If Peter come's back as a new character and put him with Carly that could be good chemistry since there really a pair? Still waiting to see who you pair Austin with Liz would be neat however her and finn could work. Throw anna to valentine. Brando and Sasha are a hot! couple keep mom's nose out of there relationship she's a PIA. just saying

  7. Guest says

    Prior to britt situation, sam was parading around with dante/ no sign of interest in jason, but now seeing jas with another woman, it dawns on her. She should realize he is human, needs love in his life which britt can prove to be it

  8. Guest says


  9. Sungal01 says

    Why is she even in the show…my god. She is a mess….always whining about s9mething……find her a new gig..elsewhere

  10. Guest says

    it,makes no difference, what Sam did.everyone rooting for Jason to be with faison’s daughter. after all the dirt,she’s done.and all the people she’s screwed over and lied get what she wants.someone he’d never in a million years.have anything to do the way,and you know it.and putting her with Jason doesn’t take away nothing she’s the past or just a few weeks ago.Britt is Lisa Niles 2.0 and Jason, can’t change that.but the problem is.if Jase have the hang out.with this monster.he didn’t, for his soulmate Sam and his son Danny that’s when she bump into him at Volonino’s it by mistake since she’s never. been there in her life.or is she gonna be stalking him.and he tell her to come by or is she gonna be tracking his every move and just pop up?cause she should be taking care of her health instead of trying to hold him to his word of being there for her.asking for a friend.

  11. Guest says

    when Sam hits the bottle Jason will save her they will then reconnect their Love❤️❤️❤️❤️

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