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Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Are Forcing Prince William And Kate Middleton To Change

Prince William and Kate Middleton are on damage control after the rippling effects caused by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s tell-all interviews and candid moments and others. Recently, the royal family is taking a hit from Prince Harry’s candid talks in the AppleTV+ docuseries he co-created with Oprah Winfrey, The Me You Can’t See. The docuseries debuted in large numbers, making it to the very top of the most-watched shows on the streaming service.

While the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been quiet, it doesn’t mean that they’re complacent to see that Harry’s interviews are hurting the royal family’s reputation. To repair that reputation, and possibly draw attention away from the Sussexes’ “truth bombs”, they’ve decided to be in the spotlight a bit more often and to shift their public image a little from their “formal” decorum to one more relatable to the masses.

The Cambridges up Their Social Media Game in hope of counteracting the Sussexes’ Damaging Remarks
It’s not a coincidence that the timing of Prince William and Kate Middleton setting up their official YouTube channel, posting personal family videos with the bloopers and all, and touring Scotland more or less matches Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s big Oprah interview and the release of their mental health docuseries.

It’s clear that the Cambridges are not only looking forward to fulfilling their royal duties, but they’re determined to prove to the world that the royal family is not a dying culture that should be erased and that it doesn’t “trap” people.

The royal family is referred to as “The Firm” or “The Institution” can seem a little daunting, but William and Kate are determined to let the world see them as normal people, who also interact like normal people. Kate even wore a bright pink dress to impress a little girl who hopes to see a pretty princess in pink one day. As the pandemic and the lockdown eases, the Cambridges have been making dozens of public appearances. Remember that time when Kate took her two oldest kids stationery shopping and the kids had to shop on a budget with their own money? People at the shop that day commended her kids for their good manners and normal interactions with people. But most importantly, people were awed that the kids were being taught how to spend money like normal people teach their kids.

In an attempt not to be overshadowed by the Sussexes, the Cambridges are taking a page out of the Sussexes’ book.

Gone Are the Formal and Cautious Days Of The Cambridges

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are over there in America courting the media with their media deals and frequent interviews, and while that’s a good thing, they’ve directed most of their PR strategy to trash the royal family and its members. The Sussexes have accused members of the royal family of “racist comments”, “trapping people” and living a lifestyle that passes on “generational pain”.

To counter the attacks, the Cambridges are making themselves appear more human to people. Before the pandemic, William and Kate barely posted pictures on their official Instagram page. If they did, it was usually a slideshow of photos or a clip played over one of the prince’s formal speeches.

Admittedly, Prince William and Kate Middleton will always be different from the Sussexes as they are the future King and Queen Consort, but that said, royal expert Clare McHugh acknowledges that aside from the pressures of their future posts, they are both naturally cautious of their image.

“Kate defines cautiousness,” said McHugh, the author of the novel “A Most English Princess”. “You can tell from the way she dresses, the way she talks.”

“And William is so suspicious of the media,” she added. “He’s really battle-scarred by childhood experiences with the press.”

Eric Schiffer, a celebrity brand management expert, explained to Insider that Prince William and Kate Middleton’s past PR strategy took “little risks”, that is until the Sussexes forced them out of their shells with their Oprah interview.

“They were manicured to the nth degree,” he said. “And played their public persona with a Buckingham Palace excellence, out of the playbook that’s been mastered for centuries.”

The couple is also known to rarely show public displays of affection toward each other, believed to be in line with royal etiquette. Even their past anniversary photos have an air of formality about them.

A royal expert commended the Cambridges for being more “social” and less “formal” than they’ve previously been, saying that their willingness to embrace social media is a “blessing in many ways” as they’ll be “more in control of their public image than ever before.”

“It’s very interesting to me that in the wake of the Oprah interview they have really adjusted their style,” McHugh said. “They realized if they don’t, they’ll be overshadowed by this couple living in California, so they have to show themselves. They have to reveal who they are more because that’s the currency now. So they let the anniversary film out and they have YouTube and they make jokes, it’s a new world.”

“What they’re doing now they’ve been doing since the 1840s,” McHugh continued. “That was a revolutionary moment in Europe when all sorts of monarchies were being overturned and Queen Victoria and Prince Albert had to find a way to make the monarchy seem more appealing so that it would stick around.”

“So they fought back by showing, oh no, the monarchy is just like you,” she added. “They showcased their children much more than any monarch had done before, they took the families on expeditions to Scotland.”

With the Cambridges joking and bantering together, cooking s’mores, and running around with their kids, they’re showing the public that they’re no different than any other person. Being relatable to people and making people feel like you can understand them because you also go through stuff that they do is a good way to grow people’s interest.

“Right now, Harry and Meghan have an advantage because they’re tuned in and understand the minds and hearts of Gen Z and Millenials,” he added. “They’re unmasking what it’s like to be a royal and allowing the public to feel like you’re now friends with a royal. So the challenge for Kate and William will be finding ways to connect emotionally, without losing the majesty and decorum of the Crown.”

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  1. Guest says

    The Royal Cambridge’s are not suing EVERBODY, either, which make them real instead of petty. It amazes me, that with all that the Harry and his wife have, they cannot just be happy instead of always stirring up trouble! Just get a life, already!

  2. Guest says

    Well said!!!

  3. DJ Brown says

    So forcing them to actually work? Got it.

  4. M. Payton says

    They need to learn what the word *gratitude* means and be thankful for what they do have. I have no respect or pity for them as they have *nothing* to offer the world or those that need help. That was a great comment. Check out a site called The Royal Forums or TRF as it is called.

  5. M. Payton says

    OH, how about Harry digging some dirty ditches while Meghan scrubs and cleans some filthy toilets……that is called work!

  6. Guest says

    I think Harry and Meghan are losers. They need to go away and be quiet.

  7. Jezz says

    I don't think they have changed. William and Kate just like the other working Royals have always tried to serve their people, they see it as their duty. I think perhaps people are confusing that they are a younger generation and therefore have a more relaxed approach than the older more traditional style we see from the Queen and Charles. None of which is a change in their approach, just a younger more relaxed generation. Also let's not forget William and Kate unlike Harry and his wife have respect for the Queen and her wishes, they will want to show their own relaxed style but at the same time consider what the Queen and her people will consider respectful and appropriate. The Hollywood's deserve no credit for the current hard working Royals professional approach and efforts to serve their people to the best of their ability. Let's face it The Hollywood's have set the bar pretty low, these current working Royals don't have to really work very hard if its just about working harder and looking better than Mr and Mrs Hollywood Harry, sitting poolside, sniveling about being cut off for resigning from their privileged positions as working Royals.

  8. Guest says

    No one cares…. there spoiled brats.
    They are getting less and less interesting everyday. They can keep there bullshit in the UK. They have nothing to give.

  9. Guest says

    What bullshit, if they had wanted the name they had the opertunity first. Tired of hearing about that worn out hag.

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