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General Hospital Spoilers And Rumors: Is Shiloh Archer Coming Back?

General Hospital Spoilers: Shiloh Archer (Coby Ryan McLaughlin)

General Hospital spoilers tease that just because General Hospital fans saw David Henry “Shiloh” Archer be hauled off in a body bag, it doesn’t mean that that he’s necessarily dead. He could return – after all, how many GH characters have returned from the dead when their bodies were never shown? It could have been some other cadaver from the morgue in that bag!

General Hospital Spoilers – But Willow Tait Identified The Body In The Bag!

There is a very slight possibility that the body in the bag could have already bloated, which could make the face look different. Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen) identified the body as belonging to Shiloh. It all depends on the temperature of the water.

Drowning victims usually take three to four days to bloat and to surface, and this body came in later in the same day that Samantha McCall (Kelly Monaco) had shot Shiloh in the back with a flare gun, in defense of Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) whom Shiloh was trying to kill with a gaffing stick, which is a baseball bat like implement with a large hook in the end of it, used to drag nets up out of the water.

However, if the water was extremely warm the decomposition process could have taken much less time than it normally would. Willow is not likely to have identified someone else’s body as Shiloh unless she couldn’t tell for sure, and she would have said if she wasn’t! But one thing worthy of noting is that although Detective Harrison Chase (Josh Swickard) made a remark about being glad Shiloh was identified and that an autopsy could be done, nothing was ever said about any results of an autopsy in the court case against Sam.

GH Spoilers – Could Someone Actually Be Killed With A Flare Gun?

Another question might be if Shiloh could actually have been killed with that flare gun. The answer to that question is yes! There was a real life murder case in the state of New York in 2014 where a man fired a flare gun into a house from his car and three small children were killed and a fourth was severely burned!

This implies that the flare went through whatever barrier there was between the children and the gunman, window or wall, and from the street! If Shiloh did survive the flare, he would have been severely burned when he fell off the deck of the haunted star and hit the water, although the water would have extinguished the flames from the flare and prevented them from spreading to his face from his back. All the evidence from the episode where he was brought in to General Hospital later in the day that Sam shot him with the flare gun does indicate it was Shiloh in the body bag.

General Hospital Spoilers – So How Could Shiloh Come Back?

There is a slight possibility that the Coast Guard personnel who brought Shiloh in, in the body bag, were Dawnies, and would have determined his death on paper when he was still alive; he could have been in a coma or have suffered severe enough injuries from the flames of the flare gun to have required several months of burn treatment.

Therefore, instead of taking him down to autopsy they would have taken him somewhere else, possibly even the Boronsky Clinic in Russia where Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) had his scoliosis corrected and then helped Ava Jerome (Maura West) get her face fixed from the severe burns she had suffered, which of course led to Jason Morgan’s (Steve Burton) rescue and return to Port Charles. Shiloh would likely require more than four months to recover fully from the burns alone, and maybe some additional time if he did, indeed slip into a coma and wasn’t actually dead in the body bag.

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  1. Guest says

    Don’t bring that monster back

  2. lbc says

    Please don’t even think about bringing Shiloh back in any way shape or form. Can’t viewers get a rest from villains for awhile? Like the next two years or more. Why cant The Dawn of Day, Nelle, the baby switch story lines end??? Now it is being suggested that Nelle is tied up with Shiloh thus making a way for his return to try and acquire the Q stocks, which shouldn’t in all possibility be able to be turned over by an under aged person. Oscar was not old enough to complete such a transaction legally. Nelle marrying Shiloh in jail is even more outlandish and crazy. Come on writers give the viewers a break with stupidity – we have had quite enough.

  3. RavenJackal says

    I have thought that it was possible that Shiloh was alive. I could see him faking his death to mess with Sam and Jason. I can say that if he is alive that at least Shiloh is a bad guy that makes sense to go after Sam and Jason. I mean Sam, Jason, and Shiloh have the same vibe as Anna, Robert, and Faison did. It was at least interesting to watch Jason and Shiloh go against each other because you could tell they did not like each other at all. I would also like to at least see Shiloh find out that Wiley was not his son but that he was Michael’s son Jonah.

  4. Guest says

    If you bring back Shiloh, I will stop watching GH, had enough of that monster, that storyline made me sick. Why not let Michael know his son is alive, this storyline had gone on way too long.

  5. Guest says

    DON’T EVEN ——- GO THERE!!! It’s aggravating enough these crap writers continue to keep Sam & Jason apart but I swear to God these Aholes bring that PIECE OF GARBAGE back I’ll stop watching all together until he’s gone!!! HATE what these so called writers have done with GH.

  6. Guest says

    These “writers” make me sick!!!

  7. Guest says

    What the hack are you thinking bringing that peace of crap back writers are not looking into starting 2020 better or are you all being so dumb and stupid you can’t see straight he is a con artist he is No good peace of shit that dawn of day ruled GH in fact it took it over we don’t want him back again remember he is dead keep him dead he is still ruling GH why is this come up with different story lines you guys are the worst to the worst GH is terrible soap any more

  8. Guest says

    Bring him back long enough so it is shown sam didn’t kill him and her and Jason can live happily ever after until another crisis. THEN have a who done done it and have Brad kill HIM if Perry is leaving the show. Shiloh can threaten WILLOW maybe even tey to rape her or Sasha and Brad some how seees so he kills him maybe with her knowledge or not maybe Nell kills him

  9. Guest says

    I am so tired of watching sicko and Ryan, Brad a d Nelle

  10. cele says

    Of course bring him back, Jason and Sam being in love and apart keeps them interesting. There are no love stories on this show anymore. can anyone just fall in love for a change

  11. Guest says

    Please let Shiloh Archer come back his time was cut way to short then it supposed too y’all keep nelle on longer than Shiloh and everybody hate her they hate Shiloh not as much as nelle cuts just not fair Faison Helena all come back from the dead time and time again why not Shiloh I miss him on GH causing drama please bring him back he is needed i take him instead of this Cyrus drama

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