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General Hospital Spoilers: Carly And Sonny’s Worlds Falling Apart-Could A New Jason Come To The Rescue?

General Hospital spoilers and rumors tease that Carly Spencer (Laura Wright) and Sonny Corinthos’ (Maurice Benard) worlds are falling apart without Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). 

Many of these problems would have been avoided had Jason still been around-could a new resurrected and recast Jason come to the rescue?

General Hospital Spoilers – First Things First-How To Bring Him To Life?

First things first, before even thinking about another recast Jason, there’s the question of how to bring him to life after being presumably crushed under rubble.

This time Jason really seems to be dead-dead, so how do they resurrect him yet again, and with no Cassadine resurrectionists left? The only way he could be alive is if he managed to escape like Peter August (Wes Ramsey) did from the tunnel collapse, but he should have surfaced by now.

General Hospital: Carly Spencer (Laura Wright)

There is only one possibility here, and that’s that somehow he crawled out from under the rubble of the tunnel collapse with amnesia and is somewhere alive on Cassadine Island.

When the search was done, it was only of the Cassadine castle on Cassadine Island and underneath, not the entire Cassadine Island, and no one ever returned there.

GH Spoilers: Should He Recover And Return To Port Charles..

Should Jason recover his memories and return to Port Charles, similar to how Sonny did from Nixon Falls, unless Steve Burton is rehired, there would have to be a recast. Jason never would have let Michael Corinthos’ (Chad Duell) plot to take down Sonny get as far as it did, and he’d have stopped the plot.

Dex Heller (Evan Hofer) may have still come to town and kept working at the gym, but he wouldn’t be Sonny’s enforcer. In fact, had Sonny and Carly still divorced, she’d be with Jason, not Drew Cain (Cameron Mathison)-unless Jason and Britt Westbourne (Kelly Thiebaud) made up.

She’d be alive and Esmé Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl) wouldn’t have gotten away with the things she did, because Jason would have put a stop to the Hook and Esmé’s troublemaking!

GH Spoilers – Would A Second Recast Work?

The whole reason Jason got a twin and the memory mapping story happened is because Billy Miller had been recast as Jason and then Steve came back.

They had to do something to make it make sense, and they answered the question of Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) believing he was a secret Jason brother in the process. But would yet another recast be accepted as Jason?

The answer might be yes-Adam Huss was very well received as Nikolas Cassadine the short time he filled in, and Kate Mansi is being accepted as Kristina Corinthos-Davis. Sometimes successful recasting can be done with the right actor!

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  1. Gary Randolph says

    Please bring back Steve Burton’s Jason Morgan

    1. cindy says

      Hell YES Bring Steve Burton BACK!!!!

  2. Michelle Gaonach says

    Nicholas and Kristina are not as popular as Jason Morgan . Steve Burton is alive and well and should be invited back to GH . It would be a rating bonanza!!

    1. cindy says

      Hell YES Bring Steve Burton BACK!!!!

    2. Jewels says

      It sure would!!!!

  3. Debi Sandlin says

    Bring Steve Burton back to General Hospital!

    1. Cindy Bryant says

      Hell YES Bring Steve Burton BACK!!!!

  4. cindy says

    Kate has NOT been accepted as the new Kristina!!! That is total BS!!! She’s too damn old and looks it put the old and better and most recognized Kristina back where she belongs and Kate wack to where ever she was fired from!!!

    1. Loretta Quigley says

      I do agree with Cindy Kate will never be Christina! Bring Christina like Jason bring Steve back. Nicholas we didn’t care but replacements are not working.

  5. Linda Branthover says

    GH has not been the same since Jason left the show. I’ve been watching GH since the first day it aired. PLEASE BRING JASON BACK TO GH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Linda from Florida

  6. Nancy says

    YES !!! We want Jason Morgan back on General Hospital !!!!!!!

  7. Flo says

    Yes yes Please
    Bring Jason back. Recast just won’t do. We need the real thing

    1. Marianne says

      I cant accept a recast. If Steve Burton can’t come back as Jason, then leave him dead. Listen to your viewers especially those of us who have been watching for 30+ years.

  8. Loretta Quigley says

    Yes bring Steve Burton back. No replacement will be accepted as Jason. Only Steve

  9. Darlene says

    would love to see Jason back. Kate is to old to be the new Kristina!

    1. cindy says

      yep and Hell YES Bring Steve Burton BACK!!!!

  10. Deborah says

    Bring Steve back

  11. Georgee Miller says

    Yes !!! Bring Steve Burton back as Jason

  12. MeMa says

    I really wish they would stop dangling Jason Morgan on a string about coming back to General Hospital.

    1. cindy says

      Hell YES Bring Steve Burton BACK!!!!

  13. MissAster says

    NO WAY, Steve Burton is the only Jason Morgan !
    That is what everyone wants , do the powers that be even care what the fans want ?

  14. Mary says

    Please bring Jason back then Sonny can get some balls back and Nina go to a corner with a vindictive self

  15. Laura Poindexter says

    I would LOVE to have Steve Burton (Jason Morgan) back on GH! General Hospital has never been the same without him. PLEASE BRING HIM BACK!!!!

  16. Sabrina Jones says

    Yes, please bring Steve Burton back. GH is not the same and that is an understatement!

  17. Gail says

    I would love for Jason to come back to port chuck! But, I don’t think a recast would do home justice. Please, Steve burton come back!

    1. cindy says

      Hell YES Bring Steve Burton BACK!!!!

  18. Kelly Mills says

    Please bring back Jason (Steve Burton)

  19. Judy In South Carolina says

    The manner in which Steve Burton was fired (and the now-debunked reason) should make GH/ABC/Disney give him anything he wants to return and do it now. I agree with what everyone here has expressed thus far — fans do not want and are not going to accept a recast Jason Morgan. A highly popular actor leaving a show and the role being played by someone new is a hard sell even under normal circumstances; Jason Morgan without Steve Burton is a NO sell.

  20. Linda Barrett says

    I would LOVE it if Steve Burton could come back. It can’t be a replacement. There’s only one Jason.

  21. Antonietta England says

    Please bring Steve Burton back as Jason Morgan!!!!!!!

  22. Nanlee says

    No, Don’t bring Jason back to help Carly and Sonny they back together and No ,don’t bring Jason back for Carly,he is better then that ,stop using Jason to always clean up her mess that she alone puts herself in……Carly dishes alot of dirt out and it’s ok, but never faces the consequences of her own dirty,revengeful behavior…Don’t you see it’s time for her to take punishment .,Love Jason but he needs a good story line that rejects involvement with Carly…. Thank you.

  23. Annette Villapiano says

    There is only one Jason and that is Steve Burton. Please Please bring him back.

  24. Stan says

    Defiantly bring Jason back as soon as possible !

  25. Peggy Chastain says

    Yes please bring Jason back to General Hospital the show has not been the same since he left and Sonny needs him now!!

  26. Karen Profera says

    Steve Burton is the one and only Jason Morgan hopefully GH doesn’t make another mistake when they hired Billy Miller

  27. Gammalinda48 says

    OMG !!! If GH can Bring BACK The REAL JASON the Fan’s will go Nuts!! I’ve been watching GH for over 50 yrs., and Jason Morgan is the Best Actor that ever came on GH, so writers PLEASE DO IT!!!

  28. Donna Jenck says

    Please bring Steve back no replacement will work or be exspected

  29. Joan Richard says

    I have been watching GH for about 50 years.. I remember when Jason was the good brother always taking care of AJ until he was in a bad accident caused by a drunk AJ
    He forgot who he was and the Quartermains was pressuring Jason to come home but Sonny accepting him for who he was. Jason became his brother because he also accepted Sonny for who he was. I agree with everyone that the show should offer him good benefits to Steve Burton to come back, but I also agree that they should not recast this part. Only Steve could do justice to it.

  30. Cynthia says

    Bring him back. Steve (Jason) is G. H. It is not the same. Please bring him back.

  31. Josie says

    Please bring back Steve Burton back as Jason Morgan. He has been missed. I almost stopped watching GH because of the way they treated him. Only because I started watching GH when I was in Kindergarten when GH first aired. I gave them a chance. I would also like Anthony Gerey as Luke Spencer to come back for at least a few episodes.

  32. Pat says

    Yes Yes Bring the real Jason back if don’t bring the real Jason back no one will except them I-Love Steve the first Tim he came to GH he is still a part of GH no replacement for him if not the real Jason don’t bother

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