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General Hospital Spoilers: Esme Celebrates At The Savoy While Spencer’s Evicted

General Hospital: Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl)General Hospital spoilers tease that a shifty Esme Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl) will celebrate at The Savoy while Spencer Cassadine’s (Nicholas Chavez) is evicted from Wyndemere Castle in an upcoming episode of General Hospital!

General Hospital Spoilers – Esme Prince “Fixed” Things – “Fixed” Them She Did!

General Hospital viewers will recall that as Trina Robinson (Sydney Mikayla) and Cameron Webber (William Lipton) were at Wyndemere Castle trying to trick Spencer into admitting he was Ava Cassadine’s (Maura West) stalker, Esme was at General Hospital talking to Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard)! After a run-in with Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) who was there getting a check-up on her injured ankle, she falsely warned Sonny that she had heard Nikolas Cassadine (Marcus Coloma) making plans on the phone to leave the country with Ava and Avery Corinthos-Jerome (Ava and Grace Scarola)!

Josslyn saw them together and wondered what they were talking about but couldn’t hear them. She got a photo on her phone, however. As for Sonny, he thanked Esme and immediately left, and with two of the Corinthos goons showed up at Wyndemere a short time later! Spencer, Trina and Cameron were talking but Nikolas hadn’t arrived yet – shortly before Sonny showed up she called Spencer and let him know she “fixed things!” Spencer was wary and wanted to know what she meant – she fixed things, all right. Nikolas received the second beating in only a few days from Sonny’s goons!

GH Spoilers – Ava Cassadine Arrives To Hear Spencer Cassadine Confess, Spencer Is Evicted

General Hospital viewers will see Ava arriving just in time to hear Spencer confess, likely after Nikolas is beat up and Sonny and company leave the scene! Nikolas likely wasn’t able to prove Esme’s story wasn’t true, and now Ava will be in trouble with Sonny as well! It’s likely that Ava’s visitation with Avery will be revoked as a result of this “little” shenanigan of Esme’s! Spencer won’t incriminate Esme even though he is pretty certain that she set this whole thing up!

However, earlier Ava had told Dr. Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom) that she was moving to London, England so he may be able to vouch for her. Suspicious Sonny probably won’t budge, though until he finds out that Spencer is behind the stalking! Nikolas is so angry at Spencer when he confesses that he evicts him from Wyndemere, Esme not knowing anything about it. Of course, General Hospital viewers know that if Spencer is evicted then Esme is likely evicted too!

General Hospital Spoilers – Esme Prince Celebrates Her Success At The Savoy

Meanwhile, as Nikolas is beaten and Spencer is evicted after confessing to his father and Ava walks in on it, Esme is celebrating her success at The Savoy! She was determined to break up “Spence’s” father and stepmother, and was likely plotting to get rid of Nikolas via Sonny! That way, she would be the mistress of Wyndemere and her long term game plan is probably to marry Spencer and get her hands on the Cassadine estate, possibly offing Spencer in the process. What Esme doesn’t know is that women are not able to inherit anything in Cassadine land – only remaining male heirs!

If Nikolas had died, Spencer would get it but Esme, even if she married Spencer, would get nothing. Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers) didn’t get Mikkos Cassadine’s (John Colicos) money when he died – she had her own! General Hospital viewers know that Esme will get a very rude awakening when she returns to Wyndemere!

Stay tuned to General Hospital, and keep checking General Hospital spoilers frequently for all the latest news, updates and developments!

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    Get your facts right Nikolas was not beaten and sonny knows that Spencer is the stalker.

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    I hope sonny listens to the young people and know this new young girl is bad and frist Ava is done nothing wrong ,but this new Nicolas and Spencer has

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    Sonny didn’t have Nicolas beaten. He was planning on it. But the real truth came out before it was done.

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