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General Hospital Spoilers: James Patrick Stuart Exit Coming Soon?

General Hospital (GH) spoilers hint that Victor Cassadine’s (Charles Shaughnessy) terror is coming to an end; however, added teasers for May Sweeps also indicate that not everyone will come home from this mission. Things aren’t looking good for the Port Charles’ heroes on a mission to save hostages from the Haunted Star. With that said, things are looking especially dire for Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart).

General Hospital Spoilers – Valentin Cassadine Has A Ton Of Obstacles

GH spoilers suggest plenty of twists and turns with this storyline. As things stand right now, Valentin’s in quite a predicament. He not only has been injected with a deadly pathogen, seeing hallucinations of his vile mom, Helena Cassadine (Constance Towers), but the WSB is on the cusp of blowing up the entire island that everyone is on right now.

If someone doesn’t return home, that “someone” likely could be Valentin. Plus, an Instagram post offered by the character’s portrayer, James Patrick Stuart, doesn’t offer hope.

James Patrick Stuart

GH Spoilers – James Patrick Stuart Celebrates The Second Season Of Another Series …

Recently on Instagram, Stuart posted a photo of him with other actors from a different show. For fans that recall, JPS needed to take a small hiatus from GH to film the Disney Channel’s Villains of Valley View in 2022.

While this doesn’t mean he’s leaving GH for sure, it does mean the actor has options; it also means he’s been working on other projects that “could take” him away from the soap.

If Valentin doesn’t make it home to Port Charles, there’s always a chance of a return. No one is ever truly “gone” from a daytime drama. Still, Valentin’s gone through such an incredible transition from villain to hero over the years, plus his romantic storyline with Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) would be missed.

Do you think Valentin may be on his way out? Have your say, below! Tune into General Hospital on ABC daily to see what happens and log onto this site regularly for all the latest GH spoilers and news.

  1. Brenda Byrd says

    Say it ain’t so.Im hoping Valentina isn’t leaving gh…he and Anna just beginning their relationship without dear old Evil convining dad interference to hurt his son and they’ve chemistry too…

    1. Linda says

      I agree. Just getting to know the new Valentin has been fun.

  2. Lutisia says

    Lexi Ainsworth has been on GH off and on for a while. GH writers please don’t replace her. Writing out and replacing actors/actresses with new ones is not the answer. The storyline right now on GH is a good one. So don’t replace people right in the middle of all the action. Lexi Ainsworth, I’m hoping you stay on .

  3. Pat R says

    Noooooo, Valentin cannot leave GH his daughter and Anna will be devastated.
    And so would a lot of fans. Recuperate from the pathogen take Anne and Charlotte with him and come back well and all three have a new life together.

  4. beverly says

    the show would not be the same without him , love him and his story line he is such a talented actor

  5. Donna says

    Noooo, he can’t go! We’ve lost Jason, Britt and a few more already. Stop the exits!

  6. marie says

    Trina got on my nerves today. When someone tells you to get the hell off the ship you go!!!!

    1. Jennifer says


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  8. HavShelby says

    If anyone leaves should not be Valentin…should be his biological father, Victor.
    It would be interesting for writers to explore Anna & Val’s future connection and for once have one loving relationship on the show who totally trusts each other (have each others backs) on the soap…they marry…and stays together indefinitely.
    Teaches young ppl the give and take of a long marriage. If not Anna & Val….maybe a younger couple…maybe Joss & Dex…spend the next 50 years watching them grow closer and raise a family….hmmm write in where they get marriage & future family counseling from time to time…or just have them talk it out like most couples…promote communication and trust…

  9. Leslie says

    Valentin should not leave!! JPS is terrific.

  10. Angela says

    Nooooo not him!!

  11. Jo says

    Please don’t kill Valentin off. He makes GH a strong soap. Love Valentin!!!

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