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General Hospital Spoilers: LEAK – Ted King In Talks With GH, But Who Will He Play?

General Hospital spoilers and rumors tease a possible leak – Ted King, formerly Luis and Lorenzo Alcazar and also Tomas Delgado spoke at a Bold and Beautiful fan convention.

He leaked that he was talking with someone who liked to hire actors in parking lots, who could that be but Frank Valentini, referring to “Parking Lot Peter”?

General Hospital Spoilers – Ted King Called Him “I Like To Hire People In Parking Lots”

Ted, who more recently has been playing Jack Finnegan on The Bold and The Beautiful, called the person he’s meeting with “I like to hire people in parking lots”.

Frank Valentini is famous-or perhaps, that should be infamous-for his rumored hiring of Wes Ramsey in the studio parking lot to play Peter August.

General Hospital: Ted King

His meeting with the executive takes place the week of August, so it may be September-Octoberish before we see Ted’s possible GH character on the air.

The character of Luis Alcazar was pretty definitely killed, but his brother Lorenzo’s fate is not so clear-cut; he was said to be killed but the body was never shown.

Lorenzo Alcazar was the one who Carly Spencer (now Laura Wright) fell in love with after being shot in the head while giving birth to Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig).

GH Spoilers – But Is Anyone Ever Really Dead On A Soap Opera?

The question is, is anyone ever really dead on a soap opera? Even when bodies have been shown being zipped up in body bags people have mysteriously been resurrected.

Luis Alcazar was a drug lord who terrorized Port Charles and was the father of Sage Alcazar (Katie Stuart), while Lorenzo’s son was Diego Alcazar (Ignacio Serrachio) the Text Message Killer.

Lorenzo is also the father of Lila Rae Alcazar (Kayla Madison) whose mother is Skye Quartermaine (Robin Christopher); Lorenzo the least dangerous of him and Luis.

Current storylines have Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) looking for the big boss of Mason Gatlin (Nathanyael Gray)-might it be Luis; Lorenzo doesn’t quite seem to fit the bill.

General Hospital Spoilers – All About Tomas Delgado

Ted could also be an entirely new character coming on, since he hasn’t been on General Hospital for over ten years. Or, he could be reprising his character from “One Life to Live”, Tomas Delgado who was an artist.

That could make him a better match for Elizabeth Baldwin (Rebecca Herbst) than most people think Hamilton Finn (Michael Easton) is.

However, it would also make sense for him to come back as a not-so-dead Lorenzo, considering he already has ties on the GH canvas through Skye and Lila. He would be likely involved in mob activity, although maybe not to the extent that his brother Luis was.

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  1. Susan says

    Do we really need more people in the MOB? Why can’t he be a good doctor since we only have Finn, TJ, and Austin. As a doctor he could become involved with Elizabeth through their interest in art. She and Finn do not fit together. It’s painful to watch two adulot people acting like children in the school yard.

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