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General Hospital Spoilers: Why Rory Isn’t Enough For Trina Anymore

General Hospital: Rory Cabrera (Michael Blake KruseGeneral Hospital Spoilers teases Officer Rory Cabrera (Michael Blake Kruse) and Trina Robinson’s (Tabyana Ali) sweet entanglement is about to hit the skids before it ever really gets warm. The two have been dancing around one another for months, and now that Trina is finally free from the worry she would be sent off to Pentonville, and free from Spencer Cassadine (Nicholas Chavez) because he is in Pentonville, the carefree college girl should be ready to embrace the budding cop. What’s holding Trina back?

General Hospital Spoilers – While Spencer Cassadine’s Away, Trina Robinson’s Too Lovesick To Play

Trina was so close to being free from all the drama in her life. She was on the precipice of jumping into the unknown with Rory and enjoying all that she was due — true love. Too bad her one true love is currently pining for her from behind bars at Pentonville. So why isn’t Rory good enough for Trina? Simply put: he’s not Spencer.

Trina’s a good girl. She does her homework. She’s intelligent, loves to learn, and really cares about her friends. Trina and Spencer never made a good match on paper, but the push-and-pull nature of their relationship from the beginning made them start yearning for one another.

Ava Cassadine’s (Maura West) confession to Trina changed everything. Spencer was prepared to go to Pentonville and never tell Trina the truth. Out of love, he would let her move on with Rory and stay out of her way — even if it meant letting Trina think he didn’t care.

Spencer wrote a letter to Trina sharing his feelings for her, but he quickly took it back and left Trina confused by his behavior. Ava revealed the truth — that Spencer had only stayed with Esmé Prince (Avery Kristen Pohl) to try to gather evidence against her that would exonerate Trina, and that he had been harboring feelings for the young art aficionado for some time. Trina rushed to the PCPD but missed out on seeing Spencer before he was carted off to jail.

GH Spoilers – Says Trina Robinson + Rory Cabrera = Too Sweet

Rory is pouring his heart out to Trina on General Hospital and believes she’s well-intentioned, but a part of him is still hesitant and can’t help but feel like she’s reserved a part of her own self for Spencer. Trina is trying her best to deny her feelings for Spencer, but they’re too powerful to fake it with Rory for much longer.

In the end, Rory will be too saccharine-sweet for Trina. She will go in search of the bad boy who won her heart long before she met the good officer. Officer Cabrera could be a bad boy underneath, and that side of him might emerge once Trina and Spencer give him just cause to act in vengeance.

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  1. Divanana says

    Trina needs to grow up he your boyfriend Spencer is a loser.

    1. Travoice Marshall says

      I agree. Trina is day. Spencer is night. Trina is treasure. Spencer is trash. Trina is clean. Spencer is filthy. Trina is medicine. Spencer is a disease. Trina is a spoiled, fortunate, beloved hero. Spencer is a hated, cursed, misbegotten villain. She is a law-abiding citizen with a high IQ. He is a law-breaking scoundrel with a criminal record. She is perceptive, strong-natured, strong-minded, clear-headed, fearless and self-confident. He is weak-minded, cowardly, self-insecure, stupid, hard-headed and self-sabotaging. Absolutely nothing in common. I guess the reason why she became attracted to Spencer is because they both love art and they both understand parental disappointment and also the fact that they both have undeniable passion for each other.

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