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General Hospital Spoilers: Will Willow’s Friendship With Michael Expose The Baby Switch?

General Hospital Spoilers: Will Willow’s Friendship With Michael Expose The Baby Switch?General Hospital spoilers tease Willow (Katelynn MacMullen) has only been in Port Charles for a few weeks but if she’s baby Wiley’s birth mother, could she be the key to exposing the baby switch?

Michael And Willow Have Connected Through The Bereavement Group

General Hospital’s Michael (Chad Duell) and Willow are becoming friends after seeing each other at the bereavement group at the hospital. Both of them have stated that they don’t feel comfortable talking about their feelings in front of a crowd. However, it is not out of the realm of possibility that the two could come close and share their grief. If both of them are grieving the loss of a child, they could certainly discuss Wiley as well.

Could Michael Introduce Willow To Wiley?

General Hospital’s Lucas (Ryan Carnes) doesn’t care for Michael being close to his son. Could Willow stumble upon Michael and Lucas together and be introduced to the man she believes adopted her child? Willow would not have to reveal her identity to Lucas. However, she may get the opportunity to visit with the child she believes is hers. As long as Willow doesn’t identify herself to Brad (Parry Shen) and Lucas, she could spend plenty of time with the baby; she may even offer to babysit at times.

Only Brad And Willow Have Spent Time With Wiley

Since Willow and Brad are the only ones who spent time with Wiley before the switch, it is likely that Willow would remember a birthmark or some significant trait about Wiley that she would recognize. Let’s assume that Wiley had a birthmark that even Brad didn’t notice, but Willow remembers. Assuming that Willow sees that this baby doesn’t have the birthmark, it would certainly raise questions. No General Hospital baby switch lasts forever.

What If Willow Questions The Baby’s Identity?

If Willow notices something different about the baby, she could go to General Hospital’s Diane (Carolyn Hennesy) and raise questions. She could also tell Diane about Julian’s (William DeVry) involvement in her signing the adoption papers. If this happens, an investigation could be opened into the adoption forcing Brad to reveal what happened to the first baby.

All they would need is the baby’s DNA to compare to Willow’s if she is the mother. Willow could have this test done on her own, all she needs is a DNA sample from the baby. Could Willow’s questions reunite Michael with his baby, increasing her grief while eliminating his? What will happen to Brad if the switch is exposed?

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