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Hallmark Channel News: Lacey Chabert Reveals Future With Network, Will She Be In More Christmas Movies?

Hallmark Channel News: Lacey Chabert Hallmark Channel news reveals that Lacey Chabert is quickly getting an extensive amount of movies for the network under her belt. She has also three Christmas movies, which are part of a trilogy. When she was asked if she ever gets tired of filming holiday movies, it turns out she doesn’t. She loves Christmas so much she wishes it were year-round!

Hallmark Channel News – Learning Curve For ‘Dancing Waltz’

Hallmark Channel news reveals that one of the dozens of Hallmark movies Chabert has been in include “Christmas Waltz.” The actress admits that dancing is her weakness, so she had to learn quite a bit for the production.

“I did have to learn quite a lot and to be honest with you. Dancing has always been my weak spot, I’ve always been very intimidated by it and I don’t feel very comfortable dancing. [But] I kind of overcame my own obstacle in a way and felt really proud of myself at the end of it. We did it, and I actually want to continue taking lessons. I loved it.”

Hallmark Channel News – Wishes Christmas Were Year-Round

Hallmark Channel news reveals that some people might get tired of filming so many Christmas movies. However, Chabert absolutely loves the holiday. In fact, she likes it so much that she wishes that Christmas was celebrated 12 months a year. Due to her loving the holiday so passionately, she has not gotten tired of filming movies with a seasonal theme. In fact, it sounds like she would love to be in many more, per Chabert’s interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Hallmark Channel News – Heartie Fan-Favorite

Not only is Chabert a fan-favorite (I personally remember her all the way back as a child on Party of Five), but the network adores working with her. So far, she has been in 18 movies for the network, and about a dozen of those have been for the Hallmark Channel. As many fans know, Chabert is also in a multi-installment movie series that airs on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. It’s called “Crossword Mysteries,” where she pays Tess Harper, a crossword editor that gets involved in solving criminal cases.

Hallmark Channel News – Lacey Chabert’s Filming History

The actress has been in many productions over the years, including All My Children, When Secrets Kill, Babes in Toyland, Hey Arnold!, The Lion King 2: Simba’s Pride, Lost in Space, Hercules, Party of Five, The Proud Family, Strong Medicine, The Wild Thornberrys, The Drew Carey Show, Stuart Little, Daddy Daycare, Mean Girls, Rugrats Go Wild, Ghost Whisperer, Bratz, and many more.

Are you a fan of Lacey Chabert? Would you like to see her in more Hallmark movies, especially ones with a Christmas theme? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  1. Guest says

    .Love her. Hope she continues with Hallmark

  2. Guest says

    She is fabulous and I love all the movies that she stars in!

  3. Guest says

    Yes, I love watching Lacey and I love almost all the Christmas movies!

  4. Guest says

    I love her and would love seeing her in a lot more Hallmark Movies.

  5. Guest says

    Love her. Keep making all kinds of movies .

  6. Guest says

    Yes Absolutely ,she is the very best Hallmark channel actress. Her and Brandon Elliott work very well together. LOVE THEIR MOVIES TOGETHER ❤ THEY ARE SO VERY TALENTED .

  7. Guest says

    Very good actress. I love the movies when she is the star.

  8. Guest says

    Lacey is my all time favorite. I always look forward to her movies, she is the greatest.

  9. Guest says

    The only problem with Hallmark is every movie is the same. Different stars but the same plot.

  10. Guest says

    I love all the movies she been in. She is fantastic actress so believable with any part she plays

  11. Guest says

    She can be installed in any of them!

  12. Guest says

    Lacey is my favorite actress on hallmark. Would love to see her in more movies.

  13. Guest says

    I really love all of Lacey's movies she is my absolute favorite actress

  14. Guest says

    She is the very best! Love everything she is in. Great and beautiful actress. Hope she is in many, many, more Christmas movies and other movies as well.

  15. Guest says

    Love Lacey and especially loved the Christmas Walz.

  16. Guest says

    Yes, Lacy is a wonderful actress. Love all her movies.

  17. Guest says

    Lacey is a great actress. She should be in more. She’s done poignant movies about surviving death of a spouse to learning to dance. She’s funny and I bet she’s really nice

  18. Guest says

    Yes, I love Lacey on Hallmark. I hated when Ghost Whisperer was cancelled.

  19. Guest says

    Love her would like to see more movies

  20. Guest says

    Totally love her I can watch her over and over especially Christmas

  21. Guest says

    She is great! Her & Brennan Elliott have great chemistry!

  22. Guest says

    I love her movies an would love to see her in a lot more she is amazing

  23. Guest says

    I absolutely adore everything that Lacey Chabert stars in! She is just a fun and sweet person to watch on screen! Her and Brennan Elliot are a special couple to watch too❤️❤️❤️

  24. Guest says

    Love her movies . She is so real.

  25. Guest says

    I love Lacey in the Hallmark movies!

  26. Guest says

    I would love to see more Crossword Mysteries!!

  27. Guest says

    yes and would love more all in my heart sequels always room for interesting guests for stories

  28. Guest says

    Yes love her and stories, loved the Aspen one with handsome partner helping save the restaurant with event of Strusel fair, please more of those two.

  29. Guest says

    Absolute favorite Hallmark actress. More movies with her not just Christmas.

  30. Guest says

    Yes yes! Lacey is my favorite Hallmark person to watch. I met her in person & she is everything you see on TV! I will never get tired of watching her! I’m wondering when there will be a Lacey Chabert day on Hallmark! I can watch her all day!

  31. Guest says

    I look forward to her Christmas movies every year. She is my favorite hallmark actress.

  32. Guest says

    Lacey is my favorite female star ,, Please. Stay on Hallmark,MB

  33. Guest says

    I love Lacey Chabert! I watch her movies over and over!

  34. Guest says

    Absolutely!! I would love to see her in more movies. Especially a trilogy or some thing that we can look forward to the next edition of.

  35. Guest says

    Yes love watching her in hallmark movies

  36. Guest says

    Love all her movies. She Is genuine, nothing phony about her. Great actress.

  37. Guest says

    I really like her. She is super talented but I do enjoy new actors and some actors that are on just occasionally!!

  38. Guest says

    Lacey is my favorite. She is so good with Brandon Elliott, my male favorite

  39. Guest says

    Yes, love her! She is fabulous on Hallmark network!

  40. Guest says

    Love Lacey! Never miss her movies!

  41. Guest says

    She is one of my favorite actresses. She is so sincere in her movies.

  42. Guest says

    I love Lacey, loved the one in Africa and all the Christmas ones. Like her in every 5hingbshe $ies.

  43. Guest says

    Love Hallmark! Lacey is one of my favorites and love her in all the movies. I look forward to ALL the Hallmark movies…great actors and actresses❣️

  44. Guest says

    Love her acting, would love to see more movies, Christmas movies and crosswords

  45. Guest says

    I think there should be sequels to alot of the Hallmark movues

  46. Guest says

    Love her movies especially with Brennan Elliot and Will Kent. They have such chemistry .

  47. Guest says

    I love watching her play. She brings the scene to life.

  48. Guest says

    Erin krakow, Lacey Chabert, Taylor Cole, Natalie Hall and Jill Wagner are the best actresses on Hallmark.

  49. Guest says

    I like Lacy, and she is a wonderful actress, but I’d rather not see her or anyone in so many different movies. I prefer to see some new faces in different movies.

  50. Guest says

    Love Lacey Chabert in all of her adventures with hallmark especially. Love Hallmark Channel. Lacey is so great in all of her hallmark endeavors. Love, Love the CHRISTMAS MOVIES.

  51. Guest says

    I love watching anything Lacey is in. She is a wonderful actress. I do love the crossword mysteries.

  52. Guest says

    Yes, Yes, Yes!!!!! Love her in all of the Christmas movies! I wish they aired year round.

  53. Guest says

    I love watching Lacy. She is very professional and puts her heart and soul into each of the characters she plays. She is a very versatile actress.

  54. Guest says

    Loved Lacey and Will Kemp in The Christmas Waltz! I’ve watched the last 10 minutes of it 3 times every night before I go to sleep! Sweet dreams. Any chance they would make a sequel to it? Also love her with Brenden in Crossword series! He’s an awesome actor also. Hallmark is the best… clean, sweet, kind, stories that always end “happily ever after!” Perfect for overcoming Covid quarantine…and being positive! Thanks,

  55. Guest says

    Yes, yes ,yes!!! My favorite on Hallmark

  56. Guest says

    She is my favorite actress on Hallmark. I hope she stars in many more movies!!

  57. Guest says

    I would love to see her in more Hallmark Movies. She is great. L love watching her.

  58. Guest says

    Don't care for her. Turn her movies off.

  59. Guest says

    Yes love her . Want to see a lot more hallmark movies with her.

  60. Guest says

    I am a huge fan of Lacey Chabert. I hope Hallmark Channel will do a sequel to The Christmas Waltz.

  61. Guest says

    I didn’t think l would like her, but then l saw a movie where she was on an animal reserve, l believe, so l tuned in because of my love for animals, and l really really liked her, and will always watch her movies

  62. Guest says

    We watch for her movies and made sure to view them 🙂 Candice Bure, though, hers I avoid. She just bugs me.

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