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When Calls The Heart News: Chris McNally Discloses Disturbing WCTH Fan Messages

Chris McNally Actor Chris McNally, portrayer of Lucas Bouchard has recently revealed the hateful messages he received from fans about the season 8 finale of “When Calls the Heart.”

The two gentlemen Lucas (Chris McNally) and Nathan (Kevin McGarry) gave Elizabeth (Erin Krakow) a hard time in choosing whom to spend forever with in the season finale of the Hallmark hit series. In the finale, team Lucas celebrated when Elizabeth gave him a kiss as her journey to find love again ended with him. However, some fans of team Nathan are left disappointed.

Chris McNally and co-star Paul Greene, who plays Carson on the show, chatted over the hateful messages the actor received from avid Nathan supporters in Greene’s podcast titled “The Grass is Greener.”

Chris recalled many fans sent him encouraging messages, but he was as astounded to receive a series of hate from other fans since the end of the season.

When Calls The Heart News – A Wave Of Hate

He opened up that a group of fans who are very vocal suddenly emerged and bombarded him with bitter messages he termed a “wave of hate.”

“I laugh about (it) now, the people writing me and being all, ‘You’re awful.’ Another one I thought was funny was: ‘You’re a pretty good actor. Why don’t you just get a job on another show?’” he revealed.

The actor opened up that some fans accused him of lying and manipulating them just for ratings. The actor then elaborated on any show needing high ratings to stay on air.

“I don’t think people were trying to purposefully mislead anybody. I think they were trying to create an engaging drama. You don’t have a story without conflict. What would happen? It’s not interesting. You need to be engaged because of conflict,” he defended.

Greene agreed that without drama and conflict, the show would be boring. “They think they want everything buttoned up and sweet and cute like a puppy dog, like knitting, but that’s not really… It’s about good storytelling,” he said.

Chris then shared that other fans have threatened to stop their support from the show for good. “After that (final episode), we experienced all the vitriol that was coming at us… So initially it stings a bit when people are like, ‘Oh I hate you, I hate all this, I hate what you’re doing, I’m never gonna watch the show again.’”

The actor has first addressed the repulsion on Twitter saying that there are still more stories to tell. “For those voicing they won’t be back, we’ll miss you, but I’m looking forward to shooting it for those who will. HV [Hope Valley] has more stories to tell,” he posted.

The show’s creator Brian Bird has also joined Chris and the others in defending the show’s twist and clarified that none of them are upset at “disappointed Hearties.”

When Calls The Heart News “We wish they would trust us more bc when have we ever not redeemed every struggle in Hope Valley with hope, faith and love? But we’re not angry with anyone and we are at peace with all the creative paths we’ve taken in 8 seasons,” Brian tweeted.

In the podcast, Chris McNally shared that he totally understands team Nathan’s fans as the writers did a great job “setting up two viable characters” for Erin to choose from. He also clarified that the hate is toning down.

Greene also added he loves the Hearties including the “angry ones” but requested to watch their words. “You can be upset about it, but there’s a way of saying it that doesn’t assassinate somebody’s talent and their intentions… It is jarring,” Greene said.

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  1. sapphire playz says

    I think this is just awful. I would have been upset if Elizabeth had chosen Nathan, but I would not have sent Kevin McGarry hate messages. What is wrong with people? This is just a tv show with actors doing their jobs. Chris McNally and Kevin McGarry r both marvelous actors and I can't wait for for the next season to get here. I don't care for Lori Laughlin to return, but I hope that Paul Green does return. He is one of my favorite actors!

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