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Jenna Dewan In Ripped From The Headlines Movie Let’s Get Physical On Lifetime

Jenna Dewan in Let's Get Physical on Lifetime
Jenna Dewan [Image Access/YouTube]

Coming this weekend is another exciting Ripped from the Headlines movie, Let’s Get Physical with Jenna Dewan, Jennifer Irwin, and more.

Lifetime releases one of the latest popular Ripped from the Headlines movies this weekend titled Let’s Get Physical. Meanwhile, the movie stars Jenna Dewan, Jennifer Irwin, Michael Consuelos, Bradley Stryker and more. Read on to find out about the movie, its plot, and more about the cast of the Lifetime movie that is based on an actual story.

Let’s Get Physical on Lifetime

According to the IMDb synopsis, the Lifetime movie Let’s Get Physical follows Sadie Smith (Jenna Dewan) as she moves into town. Meanwhile, she owns a new health club, Dazzle & Spin. While she works as a fitness instructor, she finds the club doesn’t pay her bills. This leads to Sadie leading a double life. In fact, not only does she lead workouts, she also runs a prostitution ring. Moreover, her client list features some of the biggest names in town, and everyone wants to get their hands on that list.

Readers can watch the trailer for Let’s Get Physical here:

Where have you seen the cast before?

Jenna Dewan, who stars as Sadie, has been seen in Superman & Lois and The Rookie. Meanwhile, Jennifer Irwin plays April Macintosh and is known for her roles in The Goldbergs and The Exchange. Meanwhile, Bradley Stryker plays Marty Macintosh and has been seen in Devil in Ohio and Crawlspace.

Jenna Dewan in Let's Get Physical on Lifetime hP
Jenna Dewan [Image @lifetimetv/Instagram]

Moreover, Michael Consuelos plays Petey and is known for starring in Dissocia and Riverdale. Barbara Wallace, who has starred in So Help Me Todd and Firefly Lane, plays Nana. Meanwhile, Seth Isaac Johnson plays Ben Martin and has been seen in Firefly Lane and Love Amongst the Stars. Jilena Cori is known for her roles in The Good Doctor and Wild Goat Surf and plays Lynn Rogers, while Dan Quinn (Nantucket Noel and Taking a Shot at Love) plays Jim Rogers.

Other cast members in the Ripped from the Headlines movie include Pete Graham as Gerald Quinn, who has been seen in The Gift of Peace and Christmas Class Reunion. Eliza Norbury plays Marcia Mackintosh and has starred in The Willoughbys and The Mysterious Benedict Society. Moreover, Malaika Jackson (A Christmas Proposal and Color My World With Love) plays the role of Officer Daphne Bartlett. Mar Andersons plays Major Kemp and has starred in Little Women and Stargate SG-1. Last, but by no means least, Mark Kandborg plays Chief Wilcott and has starred in Project Blue Book and Under the Banner of Heaven.

Behind the scenes of Let’s Get Physical

Jenna Dewan in Let's Get Physical on Lifetime
Jenna Dewan [Image Access/YouTube]

Albert Bianchini, Mark Consuelos, Jenna Dewan, Stacy Mandelberg, Kyle McNally and Kelly Ripa are executive producers of the Lifetime movie. Meanwhile, Michael Halpern and Navid Soofi are producers. Robin Hays directs the movie from a script by Margaux Froley and Kelly Fullerton.

When does the movie premiere on Lifetime?

Let’s Get Physical is set to premiere on Saturday, October 15, at 8 pm ET on Lifetime.

Readers, are you excited about this latest addition to Lifetime’s Ripped from the Headlines movies? Let us know your thoughts by dropping a comment below.


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