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Neighbours Spoilers: Is One Of Ramsay Streets Longest Friendships Ending?

Neighbours; Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) Neighbours spoilers and updates reveals ever since Nicolette (Charlotte Chimes) returned to Erinsborough with her daughter Isla, Jane has found herself stuck in the middle of her daughter and Isla’s fathers, Aaron (Matt Wilson) and David (Takaya Honda). Jane tries her best to not get involved in any arguments between the men and Nicolette, but it’s getting increasingly harder. She feels as though she’s constantly trying to ease the tension between them all. She sees where everyone is coming from so can empathise with both sides, but really doesn’t want to cross a line.

So when Jane (Annie Jones) overhears Paul (Stefan Dennis) talking to a lawyer, she becomes both furious and devastated. She knows how painful the process for everyone could be if lawyers are to get involved. It shows that whereas she’s tried to stay Switzerland, Paul has no problem getting involved as usual.

Neighbours Spoilers – Desperature

Desperate to put out the fire before it begins, Jane goes to Paul with an ultimatum. She’s willing to forgive him for all of his sins if he agrees to leave lawyers out of the situation. But, predictably, Paul disagrees. He cares more about what he wants than his friendship with Jane, plus he seriously believes Nicolette is untrustworthy and David needs his help – even though David hasn’t actually asked for it.

To make things more serious, rather than going to a family lawyer to try resolve any custody issues, Paul goes to a criminal lawyer instead. He thinks a criminal lawyer will be more aggressive towards Nicolette than a family lawyer would.

Neighbours Spoilers – Friendship Over For Good

Jane decides that their friendship has to be over for good. She is disappointed and sad but feels she has no choice. Blood is thicker than water and Jane refuses to not support her daughter.

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