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Neighbours Spoilers: Nicolette Takes A Tumble, Will She and The Baby Be Okay?

Neighbours: Nicolette StoneNeighbours spoilers and updates reveal Nicolette Stone (Charlotte Chimes) has had quite a rough pregnancy – not just physically but emotionally too – and it doesn’t look like it’s getting easier any time soon!

Fans are excited to see Leo back in Erinsborough this week, as he returns to Australia and buys the vineyard from Pierce Greyson. It’s not only good news for Leo Tanaka (Tim Kano), but Chloe Brennan (April Rose Pengilly) too, as he asks if she will oversee and design the renovations – a dream role for her!

Neighbours Spoilers – Hendrix Greyson Suspicious

Leo and Chloe work really well together, causing Hendrix Greyson (Benny Turland)  to suspect that Leo has feelings for her, especially considering they were friends with benefits a few years ago. To make sure nothing happens, Hendrix encourages Nicolette to spend some time at the vineyard.

Nicolette is in two minds about how she feels meeting Leo. On one hand, she’s excited to meet David’s brother and the soon to be uncle to their baby. However, she is well aware of what used to go on between Chloe and Leo. Despite this, she’s promised herself and everyone else not to be a jealous girlfriend anymore, so she genuinely lets it go.

Neighbours Spoilers – Nicolette Stone Should Be Worried

What she doesn’t know is that Leo is hatching a plan to tear her and Chloe apart. In his mind, he’s trying to protect his brother, the baby, and Chloe, as he believes Nicolette is a bad person who shouldn’t be part of their lives. It’s hard to believe he genuinely has good intentions though, because Hendrix was right about him having feelings for Chloe, and wants her for himself.

While Chloe and Leo are working on the refurbishment, Nicolette decides to go for a walk and find the ideal picnic spot for a lunch date with Chloe. Quickly, Nicolette becomes lost and ‘baby brain’ takes over. She becomes disorientated and confused, resulting in her tripping over a tree root and falling heavily.

Will Nicolette and the baby be okay?

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