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Royal Family News: Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Told To, Put Up Or Shut Up

 Meghan Markle And Prince Harry British royal family news reveals that while her royal rival Kate Middleton, Duchess of Sussex is holding a historic summit with First Lady Jill Biden this week, the hits keep on coming for failed royal Meghan Markle. Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan Markle have dug such a deep pity party hole for themselves slamming their perceived enemies and suing up a storm, that it’s no wonder they only person to come to their defense is their paid biographer.

Conversely, their PR team is wracking up the overtime hours trying to put a semi-palatable spin on the constant stream of verbal vomits. Not everyone is buying the oceanfront property being pedaled.

Royal Family News – The Markle’s Are Threatening To Sue Again

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex ran away from home (the palace where they lived on everyone else’s dime) to California crying that they needed privacy. Since then they have flaunted themselves at every turn, their more memorable diatribes against their families coming in March when they allowed Oprah Winfrey to score a rating bonanza on the back of their “genetic pain and suffering.”

Prince Harry also whined about his gilded, privileged life as a “zoo” animal on the Armchair Expert podcast. Twice again Harry trash-talked his family, with Oprah as hostess, via the “The Me You Can’t See” series.

Royal Family News – Not Everyone Wants To Hear Whining

A former palace aide has since called out the thirsty couple, for living a blatant life of non-privacy. According to The Sun, when Meghan Markle  and Prince Harry crowed about needing privacy no one imagined they would do a 180 and thrust themselves into the spotlight.

It has gotten to such a pathetic point that Harry invited the cameras into his therapy session for “The Me You Can’t See” and performed for them.

According to the former aide, these two have, “done nothing but seek publicity,” and it’s hard to argue against him.

Royal Family News – A Former Palace Aide Is Talking About The Runaway Royals

Arbiter said of the rescue-chicken rescuers, “They left this country because they wanted privacy. They wanted away from the publicity. And since they left this country, the UK, they’ve done nothing but seek publicity.”

He went on to say that he hopes that Prince Harry makes good on his promise to take up to “20 weeks” off his busy schedule following the birth of a daughter last week. That boast has already gone down the toilet, however. This week Harry came out swinging, threatening legal action against the BBC for reporting on his child’s controversial name. It seems Harry was serious when he questioned the First Amendment’s right to free speech—does the protection apply only to him and not to commoners?

As Arbiter notes, “Now they are saying Harry is taking five months paternity leave and hopefully he will stay quiet in those five months. Quite frankly, to put it simply they need to put up or shut up.”

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