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Melania Trump Thrown Shade By The MSM

Melania Trump Thrown Shade By The MSMNo matter what she says or what she does, she just can’t catch a break, especially when it comes to the mainstream media. In fact, it seems like Melania Trump has once again been thrown some shade by the MSM.

And it’s all because of a Mother’s Day necklace that she has been promoting to her fans and her followers. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Melania Trump – Thrown Shade By The MSM

Byt now, everyone knows that the former First Lady is selling a necklace called Love and Gratitude for moms everywhere.

The piece of jewelry is going for $245 and while some people might not be crazy about the design, others don’t seem to be crazy about the price, either.

That’s because it seems like very few people in the MAGA crowd can actually afford it. But there actually might be some people who are willing to buy it, too.

That’s not the worst thing about it. It has been suggested online that Melania is selling the necklaces in order to help pay Donald Trump’s hefty legal fees.

As many people know, he’s in the middle of a hush money case right now and has quite the debt that he has to pay to not only his lawyers, but also to the state of New York for all of his fines, too. Yet, that doesn’t seem to be the truth.

According to Fox News, a portion of the proceeds from the sales are going towards Melania’s Fostering the Future initiative, which secures education opportunities and scholarships for children in the foster care community.

Melania Trump – Has No Comments About The Lies

So far Melania Trump herself hasn’t made any comments about the lies or the criticism that she’s gotten, although at this point it’s doubtful that she will.

Whether or not her necklaces are actually going to sell remains to be seen as well. We will definitely update you with all of the latest details as they come in.

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  1. Judy says

    She’s not any better than her husband. Out for herself and married for money. Big deal.

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