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Michelle Obama Mocked For Being A Beyonce Stan

Maybe she just likes the music because it makes her dance. There’s a new report that says Michelle Obama along with Kamala Harris are both being mocked for praising Beyonce and her new country album.

This comes from political pundit Megyn Kelly, who says that people like Michelle are pretending like Beyonce is the second coming. But is she really? Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Celeb News – Michelle Obama Mocked For Being A Beyonce Stan

Megyn Kelly has certainly not held back on her criticism of former First Lady Michelle Obama for seemingly being obsessed with everything that Beyonce does and says.

Michelle Obama Mocked For Being A Beyonce Stan

Because Michelle just can’t stop fawning over the Grammy-winner, Megyn says that some people act like they have to pretend Beyonce is like the second coming of Jesus Christ.

During her latest podcast, Megyn put it this way,I’m not a big Beyoncé follower. I don’t have anything against her… I don’t listen to her music. But I do get kind of annoyed at how whenever she does anything, we have to pretend she’s the Second Coming. It’s like, oh my god — they literally call her ‘Queen Bey.’ It’s like she can do absolutely no wrong.”

Celeb News – Is Michelle Obama Obsessed With Beyonce?

If that weren’t enough, Megyn also added that people who have something negative to say about Beyonce get the side eye from people like Michelle Obama. She also said that people like Obama are just being too dramatic.

She added, “If you criticize her, there’s something wrong with you. ‘Well, too bad. Deal with it. So she’s come out now with a country album. And of course, these leftist and media whores pretend that no one’s ever done country before Beyoncé has done it. Country’s this wonderful new genre that the Queen Bey has discovered. ‘Oh my god, this is wonderful.’”

So far Michelle Obama herself has not responded to any of the criticism from Megyn Kelly.

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  1. Joe says

    This woman is jealous of Mrs Obama and Beyonce and she sounds dumb to. She’s trying to not show it,but she couldn’t match anyone of these ladies handbags.

  2. Derrick Wright says

    I’m not surprised by Megyen Kelly critique of Michelle Obama or Beyonce’s music or for that case black people in general. Please grow up Megyen.

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