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American Idol Leaves Audience Sweltering, What Happened?

American Idol was a mess on Sunday’s live show. The audience had to deal with the sweltering conditions. The aggravated crowd booed Judge Luke Bryan. What happened to the ABC show that sent them into chaos?

American Idol Spoilers – Why Did The AI Crowd Boo Luke Bryan?

Luke Bryan filmed some of the live segments of the show on Instagram. He admitted that the American Idol crowd was aggravated. The air conditioning was turned off, leaving them in sweltering conditions. Luke sat with fellow judges Katy Perry and Lionel Richie as they figured out how to stay cool.

Sunday was Disney Night, but the crowd wasn’t feeling the spirit. Katy dressed up as one of the members of the Incredibles. She wore the iconic black, red, and yellow skintight costume. Katy admitted that she was sweating inside the Latex costume. Meanwhile, Luke Bryan filmed a video as he explained to his social media followers what happened.

American Idol

He explained that the air conditioner stopped working. He panned the camera over to Lionel, who was sweating in his chair. The 73-year-old legend fanned himself as his makeup artist fixed his makeup. Next, Luke turned the camera to Katy, who had a hard time breathing in her Incredibles costume.

She admitted that she was “melting.” The American Idol audience was sweating profusely as well. They booed Luke Bryan when he shared that he was filming. He smiled as he listened to the reaction.

“It’s a hot one tonight,” Luke Bryan captioned his Instagram video.

American Idol Spoilers – Fans Fed-Up Over Season 21

American Idol fans haven’t been happy with Season 21. They’re upset that they lost most of their faves up to this point. Most of the reaction took place on Twitter, where they shared their outrage on Sunday’s show.

Fans are calling for ABC to cancel American Idol after Season 21. The viewers can’t believe that America chose Megan Danielle over Zachariah Smith. They even called out the singing competition for picking country artists over the wide variety of artists featured on the show.

The show has had country singers in the finale for the past three seasons. Fans would love to see a shake-up of some sort. They already had a feeling that the judges would pull in more country talent at the start of this season. Some have blamed Luke Bryan for the increase of country artists.

In addition, there’s been a backlash against Lionel Richie and Katy Perry. Most of the criticism stemmed from Katy’s critiques of the hopefuls this season. Fans called her out for “shaming” and “bullying” some of the contestants with her rude comments.

What are your thoughts on the American Idol audience left sweltering during Sunday’s live show? Does this surprise you? What are your thoughts on Season 21? Sound off below in the comment section.

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