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Below Deck Bids Farewell To Captain Lee On TV Special: His Best Sayings!

Below Deck spoilers reveal Captain Lee Rosbach stepping away from his reality TV show after 10 seasons. But Bravo won’t let the man known as the Stud Of The Sea depart without a tribute. And the talk show Watch What Happens Live has planned a special dedicated to Captain Lee.

Learn what to know about the TV special. And check out Captain Lee’s best sayings. Get all the details below.

Below Deck – Honors Captain Lee Rosbach

Ahoy, fellow Below Deck fans! We invite you to climb aboard and set sail for a celebration of the famous Stud Of The Sea, Captain Lee. Because Rosbach successfully manned his reality TV show for 10 seasons, Watch What Happens Live will honor Captain Lee with a special episode, according to Bravo.

Below Deck

And though season 10 ended on March 20, Bravo will keep the Below Deck fan club afloat with the special episode. But based on the episode title, prepare for sailing puns! Because Captain Lee Rosbach will star on Watch What Happens Live’s edition titled “Ce-LEE-brate Good Times!”

And the celebration (or, as the pun-filled episode might call it, ce-LEE-bration) will look at Captain Lee’s years on Below Deck. Andy Cohen will steer the ship filled with memories. And prepare to see former charter guests, crew members and celebrity fans on board. Rosbach himself, though, will take center stage during the commemorative Watch What Happens Live special on Monday, March 27. 

Below Deck – Fans Recall Captain Lee Rosbach’s Best Sayings

The Stud Of The Sea, Captain Lee, has admitted that he feels stunned at Below Deck’s success. “You know, it’s difficult to get your head wrapped around it. Because I see actors and actresses and personalities that have actual talent,” noted Rosbach. “And I just happen to be a guy that gets filmed doing his job and I don’t think that anybody expected on season 1 that it was going to explode into what it has, what? Four spinoffs? Ten years for my show and it’s just like, wow.”

But while Captain Lee stays modest about the show, Below Deck fans treasure his sayings. For instance, one fan favorite includes, “We screwed the pooch.” And another one of Rosbach’s comments came in handy when life gave the Stud Of The Sea an extra helping of problems. “Life is like a s**t sandwich. The more bread you have, the more s**t you have to eat.” And last but not least, Rosbach has become known for admitting, “I’m madder than a p*ssed-on chicken.”

Tell us what you think. Which of Captain Lee Rosbach’s sayings do you feel deserves top ranking? And which past crew member or charter guest would you like to see appear on the Below Deck special edition? After you share your views, check back on our site for more reality TV news.

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