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Below Deck Down Under Captian Chambers Has A Mega-Fail History

Below Deck Down UnderFans are all excited about Below Deck Down Under. After all, it brings superb scenery, a beautiful vessel, and a hunky Captain. In fact, thirsty fans desire to know a lot more about Jason Chambers. On social media, many fans wonder if he’s tied the knot with someone special. Well, recent news emerged that a lot more people were interested in him back in 2019 when he was part of a mega-fail.

Below Deck Down Under – Captain Jason Chambers Seem Private

Whilst fans want to know more about hot-bod Jason, he seems to be in a relationship and has a young girl living in the Philippines. Fans who follow him on Instagram see very little about his personal life apart from photos of his lovely young daughter. However, as his Instagram account only goes back to January this year, there’s no mention of a mega-fail that happened a few years ago in Queensland, Australia. Actually, it made the headlines at the time.

Below Deck Down Under fans might want to thank Starcasm’s Asa Hawks. The journo-sleuth seldom fails when it comes to digging into the lives of various reality TV cast members. Often, she breaks news about people who star in Love After Lockup but doesn’t always confine herself to just that show. In fact, some good backstories about TLC’s Unexpected cast members also arrived over the years. Now, it’s the turn of Captain Jason Chambers.

Below Deck Down Under – Captian Was Involved In The Mega-Fail

It’s only fair to let readers know that when the mega-fail happened. Captain Jason Chambers was not at fault, In fact, he was seen as something of a hero. Actually, without his quick actions, a lot of people might have been injured or even lost their lives. Mainstream media covered the story, and a few news reports still remain on YouTube. The incident in 2019 involved a brand new yacht named Moatize.

Below Deck Down Under Captian Chambers Has A Mega-Fail History
News 7 / YouTube

Apparently, the Below Deck Down Under Captian has a sudden and tricky situation on his hands. As they tried to exit a marina, something went wrong with the vessel. Apparently, it had only recently completed sea trials, but something in the gears jammed, and the boat kept on going forwards instead of away from the other boats and a restaurant barge. With lots of small boats around, a lot of people got a fright when the massive yacht just kept on coming. Fortunately, nobody was injured in the incident. 

Below Deck Down Under – Sailing Crew Trained For Emergencies

The Below Deck Down Under captain explained that the crew does train for collisions of this nature. Starcasm cited him as saying, “We did what we’re…trained to in collisions. So, we shut down all engines, dropped an anchor, and thank God we selected a nice spot where there was no personnel.”

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