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Chrisley Knows Best Alums Chase And Savannah Tease New Reality Show

Chrisley Knows Best alums including Savannah and Chase Chrisley feel excited about a spin-off. And the duo has stayed busy teasing what fans can expect. For instance, we know now that Todd Chrisley offered his input from the prison where he will serve out his 12-year sentence.

Find out what to know about the Chrisley Knows Best spin-off. And discover who will star. Get all the details below.

Savannah Chrisley Teases New Reality TV Show

A new reality TV show featuring the Chrisley clan might seem impossible. Why? Because both Chrisley Knows Best matriarch Julie Chrisley and patriarch Todd Chrisley have begun serving a combined 19-year prison sentence. But their son Chase and daughter Savannah Chrisley both claim that they plan to use everything they learned from their imprisoned parents to profit from a new show.

Chrisley Knows Best

However, it seems unlikely that Todd and Julie can get time away from prison to appear in the Chrisley Knows Best spin-off. And their children’s plans to star in a new reality TV show also have raised questions about who will air the episodes. Last year, the USA Network cancelled Chrisley Knows Best after Todd and Julie’s convictions, noted the Insider.

But as Todd and Julie work on appealing their case from their separate prisons, their children have turned their attention to returning to the spotlight. The Chrisley Knows Best patriarch and matriarch continue to try to challenge their convictions from an alleged lengthy bank fraud and tax evasion scheme. And in their absence, Julie’s and Todd’s oldest daughter, Savannah, wants the new reality TV show to “touch on where we’re at today, Mom and Dad being gone, how we’re coping with it.”

Nanny Faye Stars In New Reality TV Show Teaser

And the family even dropped a teaser reel, courtesy of celebrity hairstylist Tyler Chase Bishop. His Instagram Reel followed Savannah’s comment that the Chrisley clan had started discussing the possibility of a new reality TV show. And earlier this month, the teaser showed who might star in the Chrisley Knows Best spin-off.

Based on that Instagram Reel, the new reality TV show will feature Savannah, her brothers Chase Chrisley and Grayson Chrisley, her niece Chloe Chrisley, and grandmother (and fan favorite) Nanny Faye Chrisley. Chase’s fiancée, Emmy Medders, also joined the potential cast. However, Bishop declined to reveal any details such as when the show might air or the title.

But Savannah, 25, dropped some hints several days after that teaser video. And she shared, “In the coming months, you’ll hear some fun news about people that we’ve partnered with. And I think it’s gonna be a really fun, healthy partnership. You’re gonna have all the uncomfortable conversations,” Savannah promised.

Todd Chrisley Becomes Reality Show Advisor From Prison

And the 25-year-old Chrisley Knows Best alum also referred to her parents’ imprisonment. The new reality TV show will explore “how we’re navigating as a family through having two parents that are incarcerated. You’re gonna see how my grandparents are dealing with things, how Chase and I are dealing with things,” added Savannah.

However, in his own comments on the new show, Chase did not refer to any arguments with his sister. But Savannah commented on Chase’s plans for his future. She noted that “him and the wedding process, how I do not necessarily agree with it,” will feature in the new reality show. But Chase dropped the bombshell in claiming his father Todd offered some insights on the new show. And he revealed that Todd fully supported it, offering advice from behind bars. 

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