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Counting On: How Is Pregnant Jill Dillard Feeling After Covid Positive Test?

Counting OnCounting On alums Jill Dillard and her husband Derick both tested positive for covid. Well, TLC fans previously heard that it reportedly swept like wildfire through the Duggar family. Perhaps the Dillard’s estrangement from her mom and dad saved Jill and Derick from previous bouts of illness. Jill said that they tested positive for the first time in March this year. Obviously, as she’s pregnant, fans worry about her health and that of the baby. So, how is she doing since she first announced the illness?

Counting On – Alum Jill Dillard Pregnant With Covid

Not long ago, Jill looked happy and contented as she talked about various food aversions. Joking with her fans, she told them that luckily, she can still eat yummy chicken and sauce. Well, she didn’t feel all that happy and well about a week later. The news emerged that she fell sick, along with her husband Derick. The news arrived via her Instagram. It was Derick’s birthday, and she said that they managed to celebrate, although it wasn’t quite what they had in mind. In her post, she asked fans to give her some ideas on coping with the cold symptoms.

Counting On fans grew worried about the fact that Jill expects a baby. Plus, the fact that it’s a rainbow baby makes them even more concerned. So, plenty of prayers went in for the couple, and for their boys, Israel and Samuel. TMZ reported that Jill confirmed she fears for her baby as well. Additionally, she told the outlet that she takes baby aspirin to try and prevent blood clots. Notably, she also told the outlet that she and Derick are fully vaccinated. Now, she gave fans an update on how she feels at the moment.

Counting On – Update On How Things Are Going After Diagnosis

Jill Dillard took to her Instagram on March 15 and gave TLC fans an update. She shared two photos and one of them showed her nibbling on a pickle. Meanwhile, in the other photo, she and Derick stood outdoors. So, clearly, they are not confined to their bed all day. Actually, it’s said that exercise can help when people have the virus if they feel up to walking. Actually, it might be the lighting, but Jill does look a bit pale, so she probably doesn’t feel 100 percent well. Counting On How Is Pregnant Jill Dillard feeling After Covid Positve Test

Jill Dillard / Instagram

The Counting On alum captioned her photos with, “🥒Have pickle, will walk!🚶‍♀️🤗…especially when it’s with my favorite people. 🥰” Next, she told her fans how she feels at the moment. She said, “🤗Thankful to be feeling a little better, even though not 100% yet. Thank y’all for your prayers!” Naturally, TLC fans who prayed for her recovery feel a bit relieved. But, she’s not out of the woods completely, so many of them continue to pray.

Counting On – TLC Fans React In The Comments

Counting On fans quickly posted up their thoughts about Jill and Derick suffering from covid. One of them penned, “So glad you’re feeling better. Wishing you the best. 💚💛💚”

Similarly, this comment arrived: “Glad to hear ya’ll are getting better.❤️🙏”

Meanwhile, other fans noticed that Jill cut her hair much shorter, and they agree that she looks very pretty.

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