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Was Ann Duggar Involved In Josh’s Contraband Cellphone Violation?

Duggar Family news and updates reveal that Josh Duggar is sitting in solitary and will reportedly be there for many months as a result of being caught with a cell phone which is considered illegal contraband in prison. Now it’s being reported that Anna Duggar may have been complicit in the violation. Continue reading and we’ll give you the low down.

Duggar Family News – How Long Has Anna Known About Josh’s Contraband?

Duggar Family news and updates reveal that, according to Café Mom, Josh Duggar is in serious hot water after being caught with a contraband cellphone while in federal prison. That is what the latest reports say about the situation. However, now it seems that Anna Duggar may have been in on it all along.

A source from inside the prison at FCI Seagoville informed Katie Joy of Without a Crystal Ball that Anna was well aware that the cellphone was contraband, and that Josh wasn’t supposed to have access to it. However, it didn’t stop her from using the number to maintain contact with Duggar while he possessed the phone.

Ann Duggar

Duggar Family News – Are Things Crumbling Between Josh And Anna Duggar?

According to the source, Anna Duggar is still sticking with Josh, despite his lengthy sentence and sordid crimes but something has changed. Now, there is reportedly something different in their communication.

“She’s not sending money, books, or gifts like she used to, and Josh is relying more on his mom to fill his commissary bank account,” the source said. And even though Anna is still reportedly maintaining Josh’s innocence, sources from within the prison are claiming that Josh talks disrespectfully about his wife to fellow inmates.

Duggar Family News – Why Did Josh Duggar Have To Rent A Cell Phone?

According to reports, Ann has been preoccupied with reading news reports about her husband. The source claims that Anna is quick to find fresh news stories and reports about Josh since he entered prison and in turn, she fills Josh in on what the reports are saying.

Katie Joy reports that she has reason to suspect that the Duggar family is working to plant stories in the news. Now that Josh’s phone has been confiscated, he reportedly rents them via a system that prisoners have created. In it, prisoners can either buy a phone for $2,200 or rent one. As the price to buy was too steep for Josh, he reportedly was forced to rent one.

Duggar Family News – Is Josh Duggar Schmoozing With Fellow Inmate?

“Anna didn’t smuggle Josh a phone and didn’t know he was using a phone until he allegedly called her on a phone,” said Katie Joy. “Josh allegedly told Anna that using the phones was illegal and demanded she ‘keep her mouth shut.'”

This comes as there have been new reports that Josh has become intimate with a fellow inmate. According to a weekend report from Without a Crystal Ball, Josh “has a love interest on the inside,” those Katie Joy would reveal no more details than that.

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