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The Golden Bachelorette Spoilers: Susan Lucci’s Publicist Contacted, But She Just Said No?

The Golden Bachelorette Spoilers: Susan Lucci’s Publicist Contacted, But She Just Said No?The Golden Bachelorette spoilers and updates reveal Susan Lucci’s publicist was contacted about her competing on the show after finding out she’s a fan of the Bachelor franchise.

However, when Susan was notified, she declined-she just said no, revealing it to People Magazine after Joan Vassos, 61, had been announced as the first Golden Bachelorette for this fall.

Golden Bachelorette Spoilers – Susan Lucci’s Been Married One Time And Widowed

Contrary to her much-married All My Children character Erica Kane, who was married-count ‘em-ten times to six men, Susan has only been married once in real life.

Her television husbands were Jeff Martin (John James), Tom Cudahy, (Richard Shoberg) Phillip Brent, (Nick Benedict) Adam Chandler, (David Canary) and Mike Roy, (Nicholas Surovy).

She married Travis Montgomery (Daniel Hugh-Kelly) and Dimitri Marick (Michael Nader) each twice and Erica’s latest husband was Jackson Montgomery (Walt Willey).

Susan was married to Helmut Huber from 1969 to 2022 when he died. While she says she loved the Golden Bachelor and other programs in the franchise, she said competing as a Golden Bachelorette wasn’t for her!

Golden Bachelorette Spoilers – Susan Lucci Loves The Show

Lucci’s curiosity about the show was piqued by her assistant, saying “One day, my assistant mentioned that she was going to watch The Bachelor with her daughters,” she reminisced. “She said it was really good, so I decided to give it a try-the first time I tuned in was a few seasons ago, and I was instantly captivated.

I genuinely cared about the contestants and wanted to learn more about them.” Although Lucci enjoyed watching the show, she didn’t actively pursue it when her publicist received a call inquiring about her interest. “It wasn’t something I wanted to be a part of professionally, but I still enjoy being a fan and watching it,” she confessed.

Golden Bachelorette Spoilers – Might Susan Lucci Compete In The Future?

Might the 77 years young Susan be interested in competing in the Golden Bachelorette in the future-according to what she says, most likely not.

Fans who know her from “All My Children” may remember how many times she was nominated for Daytime Emmy awards before she ultimately received one. It may in fact have been more times than Erica Kane was married, even though her diehard fans always rooted for her to win!

Her years of being nominated but never winning the prize with the Daytime Emmy award could be a factor, although she didn’t come right out and say it. But she again said she loves the show and the rest of the shows in “The Bachelor” franchise and she’s definitely a fan!

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