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Gerry Turner Wanted to Control Theresa Nist?

Gerry Turner reportedly wanted to control Theresa Nist. More details are coming out about their shocking divorce. The Golden Bachelor couple split after three months of marriage. Fans want to know what happened. A new report gives more information about their marriage. Keep on ready to learn more.

More Details On Gerry Turner And Theresa Nist’s Split

Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner made plans to live together. They chose South Carolina as their home base. However, Gerry didn’t want to move. At the beginning of his Golden Bachelor journey, he made it clear that he didn’t want to leave his home in Indiana.

Theresa wanted to remain close to her family in New Jersey. The couple revealed on a podcast that they don’t live together. Ultimately, the long distance is what led to their split. However, some fans think something else happened after the honeymoon settled in.

Gerry Turner Wanted to Control Theresa Nist?


Fans demanded Theresa Nist to sign a prenuptial agreement. Most feared that Gerry Turner only wanted her for her money. The couple confirmed they signed a prenup during their Good Morning America interview. They also claimed that their marriage wasn’t due to issues with their marriage.

A new report suggests that Theresa was too “uppity” for the laid-back golden bachelor. The source spoke to podcaster Katy Casey about the couple’s quickie marriage.

“He’s saying he wanted the divorce because she was too ‘uppity for him’ and used the example of she wouldn’t pump her own gas and hated where she lived,” according to the podcaster.

It’s against the law for residents of New Jersey to pump their own gas. It’s impossible for Theresa to hate where she lived since her family grew up there. Some fans think there’s something more to their story. This report sounds different from the claims that the couple still loves one another.

Gerry Turner – Wanted To Control Theresa Nist?

Some fans took to Reddit to share their thoughts. Most believe that Gerry Turner wanted to have the upper advantage in their marriage.

Bachelor Nation fans won’t be satisfied unless they receive a reason for their split. So they shared their own speculations.

“I also think that u don’t quit your career until after you buy the new place or at least commit. He wanted her to quit and travel on HER dime, IMHO. It’s the dynamics, not the timeframe,” one fan wrote.

“He likes the attention too much. I think she was genuine,” another user noted.

“I think Teresa [sic] dumped him and realized he wasn’t who she thought he was. He seems like a controlling type that would be difficult to deal with,” a third user commented.

What are your thoughts on Theresa Nist and Gerry Turner’s split? Do you think his controlling ways got to her? Sound off below in the comment section.

  1. Debra Simmons says

    I think Gerry wanted out. You could see in photos how she clung on to him but in the photos he never really hugged her. It’s sad. I really wish they could have worked it out and had a forever Happily Ever After. I think both people have to compromise and give equally to make it work

  2. B says

    Didn’t like or trust him from day 1

  3. Naomi Sawatzky says

    I think he got caught up in doing the show (they were probably paid to get married on air), and she naively thought he was the one. Real life ultimately is illuminating… there’s No WaY they really wanted to move to another state with a person they don’t know very well (just not possible on their dating time-line) when they have it good in their own homes near their children whom they unconditionally love and have a history with. I’d chock it up to Jumping the gun or Putting the cart before the horse. The network makes big money hiring people to be on TV and selling the idea of falling in love in 6 weeks and a few dates. (Granted, it’s worked for a few of them =)

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