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Sister Wives: ‘Narcissist’ Kody Brown ENVIES Ex-Wives – Here’s Why!

Sister Wives spoilers reveal Kody Brown making a shocking confession. And the Sister Wives patriarch confesses that he envies Christine’s and Janelle‘s friendship.

However, Sister Wives fans have listened to Kody’s views on life. And many suspect that the Sister Wives patriarch sounds like a “classic narcissist.” Keep reading for all the details.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Kody Brown Feels ‘Jealous’

Kody Brown envies Christine and Janelle Brown’s friendship, according to Sister Wives spoilers. And a preview of Sister Wives via the Sun reveals Kody confessing to feeling “jealous” of his ex-wives’ relationship.

Sister Wives: ‘Narcissist’ Kody Brown ENVIES Ex-Wives - Here’s Why!

But at 54, the Sister Wives patriarch takes advantage of a confessional on his show to spill. And Kody explains his emotional reaction to how Christine and Janelle split before forming their now-solid friendship.

However, Kody complains that Christine didn’t show any sympathy toward him. And the Sister Wives patriarch insists, “She never once expressed any empathy towards me.” But he also shares that during their divorce, Christine seemed to show no empathy at all.

And Kody indicates that he felt Christine should have sympathized with him. But instead, he insists, “Nope, never” about if his ex-wife empathized with his emotions as she divorced him.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Kody Brown Feels Wives Conspired

And as Kody reflects on how Christine divorced him in November 2021, he also recalls Janelle’s reaction. But the Sister Wives patriarch makes it clear that he feels Janelle conspired with Christine. “And with that her and I just gradually unwound to this point,” adds Kody.

However, then the Sister Wives patriarch says that Christine seemed incapable of love and empathy. And asked for his views on why Christine failed to exhibit love and caring amid his divorce from Janelle, Kody notes, “I don’t think she’d capable of it.”

But the Sister Wives star adds, “It’s weird to me that she wouldn’t just say, ‘That’s just so sad, that’s so hard,’ or whatever. I’m jealous because they’re behaving the way they should’ve for 25 years now. Yeah, I see it as a big F U to Kody.”

Sister Wives Spoilers – Kody Brown Becomes ‘Narcissist’

And he claims that Christine and Janelle decided “to get along now because this will really p**s Kody off.” However, Sister Wives fans pointed out that since divorcing Kody, Janelle and Christine have become closer. And viewers questioned Kody’s claim that the two just teamed up to get back at him. 

For instance, one fan slammed the Sister Wives patriarch for his deceit. And the fan wrote, “Kody is not a ‘man of faith.’ He’s a deceitful, greedy hate monger! He was counting on Christine to create a divide in the family that would have ostracized Christine and her kids. Shame on him!”

And another noted, “They’re behaving the way they should have, 25 years ago (with each other) now? Here’s an idea. Maybe they realized it wasn’t each other they didn’t like, IT WAS YOU!” But several labeled Kody “a classic narcissist… my opinion!” And another pointed out, “Another narcissist! Wives or children don’t matter if he is not the main character in your life then he has no use for you!”

Tell us what you think. Do you feel that Kody deserved empathy from Christine? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more reality TV news.

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