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Golden Bachelor Spoilers: Theresa Nista’s Net Worth After Engagement

The Golden Bachelor spoilers reveal Theresa Nista’s net worth amid her engagement. Gerry Turned was turned on by her girl boss lifestyle. Bachelor Nation fans are begging Theresa to get a prenup. Keep reading to learn more.

The Golden Bachelor Spoilers – Bachelor Nation’s Demand

The Golden Bachelor spoilers reveal Bachelor Nation’s new demand. During the Thursday, November 30 live season finale, Gerry proposed to Theresa Nist. He chose her to give his final rose to. Shortly before, he turned down Leslie Fhima.

Gerry and Theresa will get married on January 4, 2024, at an Italian wedding. They will honeymoon there after the ceremony. Gerry loved the idea because they could save money that way.

Golden Bachelor Spoilers: Theresa Nista's Net Worth After Engagement

Bachelor Nation fans noticed new details about the Golden Bachelor. The Hollywood Reporter published an expose about the “inconsistencies” between his story and his real-life persona.

The Golden Bachelor spoilers reveal that Gerry pursued a woman just one month after the death of his wife, Toni. The anonymous woman claims he used the lines with the women on the show.

Gerry was also a cheap stake who wanted to pay for only part of the meal. He only paid for some of it so he could come across as the “big man.” Fans took to Twitter, now called X, to warn Theresa about her engagement news.

One fan wrote: “Theresa baby get a prenup #GoldenBachelor I ain’t trusting him around the women he’s loved.”

Another user added: “Nobody has asked in interviews, blowing up this quickie televised Jan 4th about [a] prenup.”

The Golden Bachelor Spoilers – Theresa Nista’s 2023 Net Worth

The Golden Bachelor spoilers also reveal Theresa Nista’s reported 2023 net worth after their engagement news. Gerry Turner has been labeled as a “gold digger” ever since.

On the night of their Fantasy Suite, Theresa talked about her successful financial career, which piqued Gerry’s interest. She works for TF Securities, Inc. and is also a day trader.

According to a report via The Express, her estimated net worth is around $1 million. She achieved this amount of money by for working a company that “oversees $1 billion in assets across its 5,347 accounts, placing it among the largest films in the United States by assets under management.”

What are your thoughts on Theresa Nist’s reported net worth? Does this surprise you? Do you think Theresa should sign a prenup? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Marilyn says

    Combining two adult famlies there should always be a prenup.

  2. Sandy says

    Absolutely get a prenup. Matter of fact she might be smarter to just call the whole thing off. I wish her the best of luck but I felt from the very beginning he changed his mind when he found out about her finances

  3. Judy says

    Definitely a pre-nup but frankly I would leave him at the curb. He’s a liar and untrustworthy. I wish she would not marry him.

  4. Stephanie says

    I think she should sign a prenuptial. Why let this man you have known such a short time have your money you worked so hard to get.
    Be smart

  5. Mimi says

    Theresa run. You will be paying for everything. He is not for you. Go home to your family.

  6. Vicki Radle says

    I think you seem like a very intelligent women. Please do not let this man ruin your life and take what you worked so hard to have. He already has been shown to be a liar, control freak, tightwad and Lord only knows what else. Girl, in my opinion he should not have even been on the show in the first place with all his lies and faults. Not a lot of vetting was done when he was evaluated. Please don’t let him hurt your heart. There are a lot of good, honest men out there that would truly love you for you.

  7. Sharon Marcelli says

    Ask yourself WHY is he getting so upset about signing a prenup. You need to protect yourself from this man who has not been truthful and you haven’t known that long

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