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The Voice Spoilers: Gwen Stefani Looks Sour During Shopping Trip, Secretly Hates Marital Home

The Voice spoilers suggest that Gwen Stefani looked sour during an exciting time of the year. Fans think she secretly hates her marital home, which she shares with husband Blake Shelton. New clues on social media hint that Gwen is miserable in Oklahoma. Fans noticed she changed her lifestyle for her husband. Keep on reading to learn more.

The Voice Spoilers – Gwen Stefani During Happy Time

According to The Voice spoilers, Gwen Stefani looked sour during a happy occasion. It’s now the holiday season and most people are in a good mood. That’s not always the case for most people.

Gwen went Christmas tree shopping with her husband Blake Shelton. The Voice fans noticed her personality during the trip. Gwen didn’t smile in the new video she posted on Instagram.

The Voice Spoilers: Gwen Stefani Looks Sour During Shopping Trip, Secretly Hates Marital Home

Christmas tree shopping is normally a joyous occasion. Yet, the No Doubt singer looked stressed during the shopping trip. Gwen posted an Instagram video of her and Blake looking for the perfect Christmas tree.

Blake wore a hunter’s jack and a baseball cap. He was all smiles throughout the video. Gwen Stefani had a different demeanor. She barely smiled in the short clip. The pop star wore a denim jacket with a sherpa collar and lining. She pulled her platinum blonde hair back in her signature high ponytail.

Once the couple found a Christmas tree, they brought it home and decorated it. Gwen also showed off their miniature Christmas village.

Meanwhile, their cat walked around the bottom of their Christmas tree. Some fans took to the comment section to react to this video.

One fan wrote: “Gwen, say it isn’t so you hate Oklahoma.”

Another user noted: “I read it on some post somewhere, you know one of those things that come up on FB. I live in Oklahoma City and have most of my life. The post said she was not liking it so much now and wanted to spend more time in LA.”

The Voice Spoilers – Blake Shelton’s Wife Looks Miserable

According to The Voice spoilers, Gwen Stefani supposedly looks miserable. Some fans told her that they didn’t belong together.

They noticed that the couple hadn’t looked as happy as they used to. Gwen was also stressed out while making Thanksgiving dinner for their family.

Fans noticed that Gwen changed her personal style and lifestyle for her husband. They think she agreed to adapt to Blake’s lifestyle instead of the other way around.

Gwen and Blake are celebrating the holidays in Oklahoma. She suggested in one of her social media posts that she misses her family, including her mom.

What are your thoughts on Gwen Stefani’s latest Instagram post? Do you agree that she looked sour and downcast? Do you think she secretly hates her life in Oklahoma? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Linda Remy says

    Hollywood everybody’s always trying to make something out of nothing, I wish Blake and Gwen many many years of happiness I think they make a good couple.

  2. Deb says

    Her hormones are going wild since being pregnant this is awful and so is postpartum. I hope she’ll be able to get through these moments.

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