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Match Me Abroad Spoilers: Will Harold And Micheala Move Forward In Their Relationship or Are They Over?

Match Me Abroad spoilers reveal that fans are concerned about Harold and his relationship with Michaela. At the end of the season, we saw him buying her a ring and asking her if she would be his girlfriend. Of course, viewers felt as if he was going to propose to her because he had told the cameras that he was falling in love with her after two days. Now it looks as if he is still sharing photos with her on social media and this has led fans to question if they are still together.Let’s find out more.

Match Me Abroad  Spoilers – Harold Davis’s Relationship

Harold has always been unlucky in love and he felt that he needed to hire a matchmaker in order to find the love of his life. His matchmaker is based in Ukraine and he was ready to meet the perfect woman for him there.

He went on a couple of dates with Michaela and he found that they have so much in common. He has never found a woman like her and this has led him to believe that she is the one for him.

Match Me Abroad


When we were first introduced to him, he told the cameras, “I feel I’m very close to living the life I’ve always wanted. I have friends, a cool apartment, the only thing I’m missing is true love.”

In his past, he has always found it difficult to fall for American women. He feels that they are not serious and they always play games.

This is why he wanted to go to Eastern Europe to meet a woman. He feels that these women are genuine in expressing what they feel and what they want. Michaela seems to be perfect for him because she loves science fiction and they love a lot of the same things.

Match Me Abroad  Spoilers – What Happened

During the episode that aired on July 30, fans were upset for Harold. When he asked Micheala about being his girlfriend, she wasn’t too sure that it was what she wanted.

However, in the newest episode of the show, it looks as if she has changed her mind completely.

Harold told the cameras, “She says it’s too soon, she doesn’t know me well enough, she needs more time. But I feel the ring bringing in my pocket. For me it’s a do-or-die moment. I’m leaving in a few days and I can’t leave ‘what if’ on the table. I must live with no regrets.” That is when he pulls out the ring and this is where fans will get excited.

Will Michaela marry Harold or will this token of his love push her away? We will have to wait and see what happens!

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