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Real Housewives Spoilers: Sutton Stracke Teases RHOBH Season 13 Cast

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills (RHOBH) spoilers hint at a cast shakeup. And fan favorite Sutton Stracke just dropped a clue about who might dine at the season 13 RHOBH table. Hint: One of Sutton’s fabulous pals could join her!

Find out what Stracke revealed about season 13. And learn what she views as RHOBH cast essentials. Get all the details below.

 Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills – Sutton Stracke Seeks Pal!

Bravo TV producers traditionally divide Real Housewives cast members into levels. And for RHOBH, Sutton Stracke has become a key cast star. But Sutton wants a pal (known in Bravo lingo as a Friend Of) to join her in the upcoming season. And after all the drama of season 12, Stracke dropped some clues that she found the perfect pal in Jennifer Tilly. However, the actress famed for starring in the horror franchise Chucky allegedly hesitates over that challenge, according to Showbiz.

 Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

But new Instagram pics show Jennifer, Sutton, and RHOBH fan fave Garcelle Beauvais spending time together. And when Tilly shared that the photos represented a “Girls Night Out,” Real Housewives fans went wild speculating that the scenes stemmed from filming season 13. However, rather than deny those rumors, the actress added to them.

And another photo showed Jennifer and Sutton dining at a restaurant. Taken amid California’s ferocious floods, the photo sparked casting rumors. But Tilly didn’t respond to the speculation. And she wrote only, “Laughing at the rain” for her caption.


RHOBH Spoilers – New BH Star ‘Rich With Beautiful Clothes’!

Sutton also revealed why Jennifer qualifies as a RHOBH star. And Stracke confessed that she has begged Tilly to join the cast. “Jennifer would be a perfect housewife,” gushed Sutton. “Because she’s rich, she has lots of jewelry, she has beautiful clothes, she likes to talk,” added the talkative Real Housewives star. “And she would protect me,” Sutton commented. 

But although Stracke put the emphasis on getting protection, Jennifer shared that the two might argue if she did join RHOBH. However, Sutton noted, “We don’t fight.” And Jennifer joked that the two might stage some arguments to steal the Real Housewives spotlight.

However, Tilly then shared her concerns about joining RHOBH. And she pointed to all the drama and feuds on the most recent season. As a result, Jennifer feels hesitant to star in season 13 of RHOBH. But those photos show a different story. And when fans noticed Tilly at a birthday party filmed for season 13, rumors soared even higher.

Tell us what you predict. Would you like to see Jennifer Tilly join Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills? And how do you answer her concerns about the drama and feuds for which the franchise has become known? After you share your views, check back on our site for more reality TV news.

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