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Andy Cohen Shares The Personal Reason He Lashed Out At Larsa Pippen At RHOM Reunion

During the reunion of “Real Housewives of Miami” season 5, Andy Cohen was seen snapping or rather putting Larsa Pippen in her place for her “a**hole” behavior.

It so happened that Cohen has never been one to always lose his cool while hosting Real Housewives reunions so, for him to have snapped at Pippen the way he did means it was personal.

Andy Cohen — Why Cohen Snapped At Pippen

If you know Cohen very well, you should know that he doesn’t joke with his family especially since he’s a single parent. Cohen has two children, both were welcomed via surrogacy. His first child Benjamin, 4, and his 11-month-old daughter, Lucy.

During the reunion, Pippen kept insisting that her co-star Dr. Nicole Martin’s child was born “out of wedlock.” While Martins wanted to clarify if Pippen was calling her child a “bastard,” Pippen kept insisting that she didn’t mention bastard but “born out of wedlock.”

Andy Cohen Shares The Personal Reason He Lashed Out At Larsa Pippen At RHOM Reunion

Cohen who had been listening to their bickerings got mad at Pippen for her statements, and that’s only because her words kind of hit home. He termed Pippen’s words “weaponizing.”

Anady Cohen — Cohen Eventually Apologized To Pippen

The next day at his “Radio Andy” show, Cohen explained why he reacted the way he did. The tv host said he felt Pippen was “weaponizing to Nicole [Martin] that her child was born out of wedlock.”

He added, “Like, she was saying, ‘I could be calling out that your son was born out of wedlock.’ Now, when you say, ‘I could be using something as a weapon,’ you’re basically doing it.’”

“It was a little bit of semantics because Nicole kept saying, ‘You called my son a bastard,’ and she said ‘I didn’t. I just said he was born out of wedlock,'” continued Cohen before he added, “that was an a–hole thing to say.”

As for his reasons for coming at Pippen the way he did, Cohen said, “It will come as no surprise to anyone why I got so heated, I’m a single dad of two children, so there is no other person; there is no other parent. I got super sensitive to the idea of that being weaponized and that’s why I jumped in there.”

Few hours after his squabble with Pippen, Cohen took to his Instagram to joke about the incident and also publicly apologize to Pippen for his unprofessional attitude, “We’re still shooting, and I didn’t have ‘screaming at Larsa’ on my bingo card today.”

Shortly after Cohen’s post, Pippen landed to ask if Cohen was “going to apologize?” and without mincing words, Cohen said, “I’m sorry, Larsa.”

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