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Sister Wives Spoilers: Is Gwendlyn Brown Secretly Married?

The Sister Wives spoilers hint that Gwendlyn Brown is secretly married. Fans noticed a clue on her social media that she could’ve taken her relationship with fiancee Beatriz to the next step. Read on to see how these rumors originated.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Gwendlyn Brown Drops Big Clue?

On Monday, May 15, Gwendlyn Brown posted a series of photos and a video of the artwork she received in the mail. The illustration featured the Sister Wives star with her fiancee Beatriz.

In the first slide, Gwendlyn shows off the drawing of the two smiling with their eyes closed and an orange heart behind them. She shared another piece of artwork with a U-Haul that featured rainbows and hearts.

Gwendlyn Brown

Gwendlyn also included another shot of the first illustration. In her Instagram post, she mentioned the artist, Audrey Kriss, who made these illustrations. She also shared her reaction in a video.

Gwendlyn mentioned that Audrey wanted to include a “personalized surprise” with the artwork. She exclaimed that the artwork was of them at a wedding.

Sister Wives fans took it as a clue that she secretly married Beatriz. Some of them took to the comment section to react. Most of them wanted to know if this meant they already got married.

One fan asked, “Are you married yet?” Other fans mentioned that they would make the perfect invitations or thank you cards for their wedding.

Gwendlyn Brown might not have referred to her own wedding. She might’ve been talking about her brother who got married.

The couple recently attended the event. Last year, Gwendlyn and Beatriz announced their engagement after seven months of dating.

Removing Herself From the Brown Family

The Sister Wives spoilers reveal that Gwendlyn Brown wants to remove herself from the Brown family. Back in March, she shared a big change that she’s going to make when she gets married.

In her YouTube vlog, she admitted that she wants to change her name to “Gwendlyn Queiroz.” SW fans took to the comment section to exclaim their happiness for her.

Some can’t blame Gwendlyn for wanting to change her name. One user wrote, “I don’t blame her. I would want to disassemble from the Brown name as much as possible.”

Others agreed they would change their name if they had Kody Brown as their father. Some feel that he will get offended once Gwendlyn changes her name.

What do you think? Do you think Gwendlyn Brown is secretly married? Sound off below in the comment section. Check back for more news and updates on Sister Wives.

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