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Sister Wives: The Real Reason Robyn Brown Begged Meri To Stay

Sister Wives star Robyn Brown‘s actions in Season 18 have raised quite a few eyebrows among TLC viewers. Robyn’s true colors are really starting to show, and her overall approval rating among Sister Wives fans is dangerously low.  One move Robyn made this season infuriated fans, keep reading to find out why.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown rubs a lot of Sister Wives fans the wrong way.

Rumor has it she is actually not as kind as she portrays herself on the TLC reality show, and some of her actions are actually pretty manipulative. 

On Season 18, Kody Brown continued to watch his wives’ mass exit.  When it was Meri Brown’s turn, things got weird with Robyn.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Dumped Meri Years Ago

Kody Brown has been adamant for years that he had no interest in being with Meri Brown.  He actually has even made horrible comments and said things to Meri like, “Why are you even calling me,” on their wedding anniversary. 

Sister Wives: The Real Reason Robyn Brown Begged Meri To Stay

Any one who has seen one episode of Sister Wives in the past knows Kody has zero desire to rekindle a romance with Meri.  So, why was Robyn Brown trying to convince her to stay?

Sister Wives fans were perplexed this season when Robyn Brown sat down with Meri and tried to convince her not to leave the family, even though Kody has been telling her to leave for years.

Has Robyn been watching the same show as the rest of us?  Kody wanted Meri gone, Meri wanted to be gone, why on earth would Robyn Brown try to convince her to stay in the marriage?

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown Gets Involved

Sources say Robyn is panicking over finances, and might have to even find a real job when the family’s financial mess settles. 

Of all the wives, Meri has the most to offer in the money department because of her bed and breakfast successful LulaRoe clothing sales gig.  Plus, she isn’t buried in college debt seeing as how she only had one child.

It’s pretty clear the real reason Robyn tried to bamboozle Meri in to staying is because they need her paychecks. 

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  1. Jennifer says

    Yup, that’s it. Kody doesn’t want to touch anything os Mary’s but her money!

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