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Welcome To Plathville Fans Think Nathan Meggs Is Secretly Gay

Welcome to Plathville fans met Nathan, the brother of Olivia Plath when he and Moriah moved in with Olivia and Ethan then they moved to Tampa. Now, TLC fans are thinking that he might be gay. And, it’s not just because he rocked some eyeshadow.

Welcome to Plathville Spoilers – Fans Met Nathan Megs

Nathan was a bit reluctant to be on camera initially, but he seems to be there for it in Season 5. This season, there is a lot of focus on Olivia’s family. Probably, that’s because Ethan’s mom and dad split and the family’s a trainwreck. Not everyone is happy about it becoming an Olivia show. However, they found something new to talk about with her brother. 

Welcome to Plathville fans heard about Nathan off-camera when he ended up in trouble for a DUI. That came after he drank some alcohol at Micah Plath’s birthday celebration. Apparently, Ethan went to deal with it. Later, after claiming his innocence, Nathan decided to change his tune. So, his case was reduced to reckless driving. However, a recent fun scene showed him looking sober. So maybe he learned a lesson 

Welcome To Plathville Fans Think Nathan Meggs Is Secretly Gay

Welcome To Plathville Spoilers – Why Do TLC Fans Think Nathan Meggs Is Gay?

It’s important to understand that Olivia’s brother has three Instagram accounts. They are:  @its_allabout_her, @nathanmeggsmusic, and @nathan_meggs. The third one is private and he’s followed by Ethan and Olivia. On Reddit, u/Deadskinhead pointed out that his bio is homophobic. It reads: “Anti-LGBTQIA+. Pro-life. Pro JESUS. I’m not perfect. He is. Don’t hate the ppl just the sin…
Country boy for Jesus

The Welcome to Plathville fan wrote, “Looked Olivia’s brother Nathan up on Instagram and YIKES.”

Nathan Meggs Instgram Account
Nathan Meggs via r/PlathvilleUncensored / Reddit

That didn’t spark a whole lot of anger as you might imagine. Actually, as they’d seen him on TLC getting makeup put on by his two sisters, they decided that he protested too much. One member of the community wrote, “Funny cause I thought he was gay.” In the replies, another person said, “That’s probably why it says it first… biggest haters and deniers are usually just hating who they are.”

Welcome To Plathville Spoilers – What Are Your Thoughts?

Other Welcome to Plathville fans came to the same conclusion. For example, this comment reflects that: “Nathan.. stopppp the way you confidently rocked that makeup and your true interest in how to bust it down has me thinking otherwise queen.”

More followed: “Yikes! I was watching the episode and thought he would look great in drag. The fact he got the LGBTQIA+ right means he is not just a passive observer.”

Tell us what you think. Do you think that Nathan’s social media bio protests too much? Do you agree that he might secretly be gay? Let us know in the comments below and after you share your views, check back on our site for more reality TV news.

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