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Welcome To Plathville Max Is Engaged & Can’t Wait To Be A Husband

WelcomeTo Plathville fans saw Max Kallschmidt as a side character on the TLC show when he dated Moriah Plath. However, they split and she was left brokenhearted.

This week, he announced his engagement to his new girlfriend, McKayle Buckley and he is looking forward to being a husband. 

WelcomeTo Plathville Spoilers – Broken Relationships 

Max Kallschmidt and Moriah were not the only people from the show who split. In fact, Kim and her husband, Barry Plath spilt and then got a divorce after 25 years of marriage.

Meanwhile, fans suspect that Ethan and his wife Olivia, who triggers everyone, have also split. 

WelcomeTo Plathville

For such a religious family, the WelcomeTo Plathville family seems to have an awful lot of bad luck. Kim had a DUI accident and nowadays, she’s hooked up with Isaac’s flight instructor.

Meanwhile,  spoilers for Season 5 reveal that Micah’s at a crossroads. Perhaps Max is thanking his lucky stars that he is not part of the family these days. 

WelcomeTo Plathville – Max Kallschmidt Posts Engagement 

On August 22, Max took to his Instagram and shared a lot of photos of himself with McKayle. The former TLC star also wrote a long caption and he seems excited to soon become a husband.

At first, he talked about his “career” and said that he always thought that he would find the reason for his life through that. However, getting hitched to McKayle is “what God made me for.”

WelcomeTo Plathville Max is Engaged and Can't Wait Toi Be A Husband
Image Creidt @katiebertagnolli via Max Kallschmidt / Instagram

The WelcomeTo Plathville alum continued by saying, “When looking in retrospect I realize that every step of my life has prepared and built me to take on this beautifully amazing journey with these two gorgeous gals and to walk through this journey together.” If you feel confused, he counted McKayle’s daughter, Esther Kate in that sentence. 

WelcomeTo Plathville Spoilers – Being A Husband

WelcomeTo Plathville fans who follow Max saw that he also wrote, “Thank God he landed me here 🙂 grateful is the word, peaceful is the feeling ☺️.” Actually, he didn’t seem to find peace with Moriah Plath. He ended by saying, “Here’s to forever! ❤️Eeeek! Am I excited to be your husband ☺️”

Plenty of people reacted in the comments including his bride-to-be. She wrote, “Here’s to loving you forever!! Overwhelmed with Gods unfailing love & blessings in our life .”

Plenty of people sent in their congrats, and a follower wrote, “Congratulations!! ❤️ proud of you and your walk with God and you publicly acknowledge…your faith again congratulations!!”

Tell us what you think. How do you feel about Max Kallschmidt getting engaged and being ready to be a husband to someone other than Moriah Plath? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more reality TV news.

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