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Welcome To Plathville Fan’s Call Out Kim Plath’s Boyfriend As ‘Gross

Welcome To Plathville Season 5 premiered and spoilers revealed that Kim Plath had taken up with a flight instructor named Ken Palmer who hails from Florida. Remember she left Barry and later, they filed for a divorce. Now, TLC fans think she chose to live with someone gross. 

Welcome To Plathville Spoilers – Kim Plath Divorced Barry Plath

Max Kallschmidt split from Moriah and it sounds like he will soon marry someone else. Ethan and Olivia might end up divorced as well. Kim kicked Barry to the curb and went on a spree of dancing, partying, and loving her independence. In Florida, she ended up being nailed for a DUI offense. Right now, Max might be thanking his lucky stars that he got out of the family, because KIm’s new boyfriend, Ken Palmer seems disgusting to many fans of the show.  

Some Welcome To Plathville fans think that Kim leaving Barry wasn’t all that bad because she clearly wasn’t suited to him as a partner as she aged. Meanwhile, although the family is not in the IBLP, her strict way of raising the kids made fans think twice about her as a parent after they watched Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets. Now, they have deep reservations about her new man. 

Welcome To Plathville: Fan's Call Out Kim Plath's Boyfriend As 'Gross

Welcome To Plathville Spoilers – Gross Posts On Social Media By Kim Plath’s Boyfriend

Starcasm reported on the type of posts that Ken Palmer makes. Notably, some people will be very offended. In their article and on Twitter, screenshots revealed a meme that he posted showing a Black dad with a child with larger-than-average nostrils. It’s been around on social media for a while, so it didn’t seem to originate with Ken. However, he did share it. The text on the meme said, “When he asks for a DNA test but deep down, he really nose the baby is his.”

Welcome To Plathville fans also saw a post that said, “Are we still allowed to say “tra–y fluid” or is “gender natural shift juice” now?” More followed, and he used memes that mocked women of the Muslim faith. There were more, and when people saw the post about it on Twitter, they responded. 

TLC – Fans Reacted On Social Media

Welcome To Plathville Fans were taken aback. You know, that might be because originally, Kim Plath acted like Mrs. Religious when the show first aired. But then, she turned into a rebel and got done for a DUI, tossed Barry in the trash, and took up with Ken. 

One commenter said,This is absolutely disgusting .” Another commenter simply wrote, “Gross.”

Here’s another comment from a TLC viewer: “I have very little respect for Kim. This doesn’t help at all.”

Meanwhile, a disgusted fan of the show opined, “Karma. She’s trash and she attracts trash.” 

Tell us what you think. Do you think that the sensitive content posted by Ken Pamer is simply gross? Should TLC get him off the show? After all, other cast members on the network lost their jobs because of that sort of thing in the past. Sound off in the comments below. After you share your views, check back on our site for more reality TV news.

SOURCE: Starcasm.

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