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Carole Middleton Has This Regret About Kate Middleton

It looks like Carole Middleton had totally different plans for her daughter, Kate Middleton. Even though she has three children and is married to the future king of England, there’s a report that says Carole has one huge regret when it comes to her daughter.

That’s because she wishes that she could turn back time and have Kate become the CEO of their family business, Party Pieces. Here’s what you need to know.

Royal Family News: Carole Middleton Has This Regret About Kate Middleton

One source close to the situation told the Daily Mail, Catherine had all the makings of a fantastic trader. She’s got a shrewd eye for profit and a very hard head on her shoulders.

After university, she worked with Party Pieces and I am quite sure she would have taken the business into a new dimension if she had stayed – very much in her mother’s style.”

Carole Middleton Has This Regret About Kate Middleton

But as many royal fans know, Kate Middleton ended up falling in love and marrying Prince William. And the rest, as they say, is royal history.

A lot of royal fans can’t help but wonder how the Princess of Wales’ life would look like if she did take over her parents’ lucrative business. Others think that there might be more to this story, too.


Some social media comments by royal critics have included, Carol is trying to make it seem like Kate has some worth to the monarchy. She doesn’t. And when Kate is cut loose. The whole family except for Pippa are going under. And I figure Pippa’s husband has already written them off already.

Or he would have helped save party pieces,” along with, “Sure, dude — Kate would have been a business magnate were it not for her royal life. She can’t even get through a basic meet-and-greet without making a fool of herself.”

Kate Middleton Could Have Been The CEO

Another critic wrote, “Things like this are so funny when even at the time that Kate was supposed to be working for Party Pieces, she was only ever mentioned as taking photographs. There was another photographer credited, so that’s questionable in itself, but to rewrite history 15 years later to claim that she was top CEO material before her marriage is hilarious.”

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  2. Mary says

    I read early on that Queen Elizabeth was concern that Princess of Wales has no career. Her parents are Rich, I think she was born to be a rich man wife. To have babies, and be eye candy. It was written that William like her for her looks. So, what else has the Princess Wales Done. Not much, especially as a modern woman. Most people in college choose a major. So was Kate major.

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