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Coronation News: Prince Harry Kept Smiling During The Ceremony For This Reason

He sure did have something to smile about. Royal Family News says Prince Harry certainly looked like he was the happiest person in the room at King Charles’ Coronation ceremony this morning at Westminster Abbey.

In fact, there are a lot of people that say the Duke of Sussex looked quite friendly with everyone and that he was even enjoying himself even though there were several senior members of the royal family who didn’t even talk to him, let alone look his way. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Coronation News – Prince Harry Kept Smiling During The Ceremony For This Reason

Because Prince Harry is not a full-time working member of the royal family, he did not have an official role at the Coronation, unlike his brother, Prince William. Instead, he arrived at Westminster Abbey with his cousins, Princess Eugenie and Princess Beatrice, and their respective partners.

Even though it looked like both Prince William and Kate Middleton were completely ignoring Harry, that didn’t seem to bother him one bit. He still smiled and greeted quite a few people before making his way to his seat.

Coronation News: Prince Harry Kept Smiling During The Ceremony For This Reason

Of course, many royal fans and critics alike did comment on Prince Harry’s appearance and his behavior during the coronation. Many believe that out of all the members of the British royal family, Harry looked like he was the most relaxed.

That might have been because he made a beeline for the exit the moment that it was all over. Some royal critics commented on the matter with, “Harry looked dignified, friendly and unbothered. Also, as he was walking in, he had such a relaxed, loose stroll. Real tall-guy energy. Excellent all around. If he gets home safely, this will be a great win,” along with, “Harry looked great. He stood tall, looked happy, tanned and healthy. So happy he wore those medals that he earned in combat. Diana would be very proud.”

Prince Harry Looked Unbothered

Another critic wrote, “Harry didn’t give the press and the family the satisfaction of seeing him looking upset or angry. He seemed like the happiest person in the room. He knows he is free from this life and pathetic family. He lives on his own terms and is happy. Keep thriving Harry, you have earned every bit of happiness.”

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  1. James Monike says

    Happy for Harry & Meghan. They have a life of their own to enjoy as “THEY” want.

    1. Sherry says

      Then if that is the case why are they trashing, backstabbing, lying and telling crap on the very family that gave them millions to help start their new life in Ca? Telling lies on Oprah, writing a book of lies and interviews degrading the royal family with more lies and trying to out do the royal family everytime there is a working event by throwing themselves in the media to get attention…..their only way to make money is to trash people that are working to do some good which Harry and Meghan ran away from……they have NOTHING left to sell the public anymore, not even if Meghan writes a book for all her 18 months as a royal ……..not dozens of decades like HM or Anne now is it.

      1. Sherleen says

        Well thanks to his mother, Diana.,who left both boys $10 million each. They were supposed to get it at age 25, but the Queen decided to wait until they turned 30. SO…….. THE FAMILY DIDN’T HAVE TO GIVE HIM S%@] !!! KNOW UR ROLE.

    2. Madelainne says

      Apparently Harry and Megan are fighting constantly and on the verge of divorce. If you don’t think he looked like a total jerk than I guess you don’t know a jerk when you see one….This is total partial or faKe News…There are lots of photos of him sneaking looks at William and Kate…..The Brits thought Harry is now a non being and Charles sincerity won their hearts…Harry was the usual jerk he always has been…All of the upper crust of Hollywood want nothing to do with either of them

    3. VLJ says

      Then why do they continually insert themselves elsewhere? For people eho wanted PUT of tge spotlight they search it out daily! Now she wants to make nice because she realized she screwed up her kuds future with her Dut Hass antics. He’s no man…jyst a little boy being led around by a domineering greedy woman.

  2. D Lee Wallech says

    Harry was putting on a show, but deep down in he did not even want to be there and only showed so he could have the details of the coronation firsthand. He had to put on a brave face in front of everyone knowing he was on national tv. It is not proper to wear his medals on his suit as if that makes him something as no one cared as it was about the coronation of King Charles and his wife Camilla. He was going to leave immediately to go back home to Montecito CA as he knew what Meghan tells him to do and does it. There was no way he was going to be on the balcony as he is no longer a working royal. He trashed the royal family in his book so why would he think people would bow down to him as if he was still a working royal. He waltzed in there like he is still a working royal with all the fanfare. Well he is not and did not like where he was seated but had no choice. It was horrible not to respond by the requested date as to whether he and Meghan were attending or not, knowing it was causing issues for the royal family and the seating for the coronation. Who cares about Harry and Meghan as they insist their children have titles of prince and princess but yet don’t want to be members of the working royal family. They cannot let it go at all because they want to make money off of the royal titles.

  3. Ann Blalock says

    Harry is certainly free to live as he chooses. It’s his big mouth, whinging and whining that’s gotten him into trouble. Hopefully the Coronation put an end to any involvement by him with the RF. Sadly that’ll include his children too but it’s of his doing….

  4. Maryjane says

    Harry was not always smiling. He did not look like he was enjoying himself. He will regret his behavior in the future.

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