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King Charles Is Welcoming Back Sarah Ferguson Into The Royal Fold

Well that certainly took long enough. There’s a new report that suggests after years of treating her like she’s an outcast, it looks like King Charles has finally decided to welcome Sarah Ferguson back into the royal family again. But the timing is of course very suspicious for many royal fans and critics. Here’s why.

King Charles Is Welcoming Back Sarah Ferguson Into The Royal Fold

According to Express, former BBC royal correspondent Jennie Bond says that things have definitely changed for Fergie ever since Prince Philip died.

As many fans probably can recall, Queen Elizabeth’s husband was not very fond of Prince Andrew’s wayward wife.

He even found it to be very difficult to be in the same room as her because of the shame she had brought on the family, but the Queen was always more conciliatory.”

King Charles Is Welcoming Back Sarah Ferguson Into The Royal Fold

But things have since exchanged. It seems like King Charles might have realized that even though Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson are no longer married, Fergie has always remained an integral part of the royal family. That, and she’s also not going anywhere anytime soon.

Bond explained,And now King Charles is showing that he accepts her as part of the family and has begun including her in family occasions.

And that is good to see. I always thought it was hard to watch the girls at big family gatherings or public events without their mother alongside. It was a silent but obvious humiliation for Fergie. But she never complained about it publicly.”

Then again, Sarah did confirm that she has been dealing with her breast cancer battle this past year.

It might be that King Charles has given her a second chance because he doesn’t want to look like a royal with no heart. Not only that, but she’s also gotten the public’s support, too.

What’s Next For Fergie?

Bond continued, “Fergie’s  also been putting out some very positive messages about breast cancer and has been showing by example a strong mindset in the face of serious disease. So I think Fergie is earning renewed popularity amongst the public. I think she has shown that, whatever life throws at you, a close family network and great friendships can help you through.”

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