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Royal Family News: King Charles Has “Weaponized” Princess Beatrice In His War With Prince Harry

British royal family news reveals that Princess Beatrice could be the key to solving the stalemate between King Charles and his fractious son Prince Harry.

Harry and his me best to destroy the monarchy and his family during their post-Megxit lives, only to prove their true colors and the enduring popularity of The Firm.

The situation is so dire that this week the official royal website stripped Harry of his HRH status. Is there any hope that Harry can be rehabilitated and brought back into the family fold?

One royal expert thinks there is one royal who may have the power to work magic.

Royal Family News: King Charles Has “Weaponized” Princess Beatrice In His War With Prince Harry

Royal Family News: Is Beatrice Able to Mend Fences?

According to the Royal Observer, Beatrice is one of the rare royals who still has a connection to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Harry and Meghan.

On top of that, given her father Andrew’s pitiful reputation, “she knows how to handle royal family drama and scandals.”

Royal expert Nick Ede stated that Beatrice has been through heck and back given Prince Andrew’s numerous scandals.

He added of Beatrice that she “is a great role model for others who experience family troubles. She’s dealt with a lot of turbulence in her life, including a broken home and a father – the Duke of York – who’s been quite controversial.”

Royal Family News: Is Beatrice Powerful Enough to Help End Royal Rift?

Commenters were not so sure about Beatrice’s powers with one declaring “I do not think so. Beatrice looks at Harry like ‘get away from me and stay away.’”

Another person revealed the mess Harry has made for himself: “Harry is squatting in the USA and swanning around—inviting himself to events–making a nuisance of himself—he has taken a job away from Americans–he needs to go back to Britian.”

And yet Beatrice is in a unique position to understand what King Charles and her cousin are going through.

Ede thinks that only Beatrice or Princess Anne have what it takes to reunite the feuding father and son, noting that “Beatrice could well be the royals’ secret weapon.”

Royal Family News: Will Princess Anne End the Royal Family Feud?

Beatrice’s sister, Princess Eugenie, is the only royal to have visited the Markles in California. One insider told the outlet that Eugenie and Harry are in constant contact: “This whole drama between him and Meghan and the rift with the rest of the family has been really stressful for the girls.

It’s hard to watch because they see both sides of it.” Maybe Charles should consider Eugenie as an another secret ally?

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