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King Charles Was Devastated That Prince Harry Was Not Born A Girl

King Charles was devastated that Prince Harry was not born a girl. Apparently, he really wanted to have a gentlemen’s family by having both a son and a daughter but that never happened and he was so upset about it that he even complained about the matter to Queen Elizabeth. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

King Charles Was Devastated That Prince Harry Was Not Born A Girl

In new tapes that have been unearthed and that will also air on Good Morning America this week, Princess Diana can be heard complaining to Andrew Morton about how King Charles was devastated that their son Harry was not born as a girl.

Diana said,My husband won’t even talk to Mummy, barely. Because of Harry’s christening, Charles went up to Mummy and said, ‘You know, we were so disappointed. We thought it would be a girl.”

King Charles Was Devastated That Prince Harry Was Not Born A Girl

She continued, “And Mummy snapped his head off. And she said, ‘You should realize how lucky you are to have a child that’s normal.’ Ever since that day, the shutters have come down. That’s what he does when he gets somebody to answer back at him.”

Royal Family News: Princess Diana Felt Shattered

If that weren’t enough, royal author Christopher Andersen says that the then-Prince Charles made a comment that shattered Princess Diana’s world soon after Harry was born.

That’s because the first thing he said was “Oh, God,” when he found out that his newborn son had red hair.

Andersen recalled that Prince Charles had said, “;’It’s a boy. And he even has red hair!’ At that moment, said Diana, ‘It just went bang, our marriage. The whole thing went down the drain. Something inside me closed off.’”

Andersen also explained, “After having two daughters, Diana’s parents were so convinced she would be a boy that they didn’t even bother picking out a girl’s name in advance. It was a full week before they named her Diana Frances. She grew up knowing that her parents were bitterly disappointed in her, all of which made Diana feel ‘unwanted and unloved’ from the beginning.”

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