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Meghan Markle Accused Of Stealing Baby Name

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, and Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, recently welcomed a new member of the royal family into the world. 

But their happiness quickly turned to horror when the media claimed the couple had NOT informed the Queen of their decision to use her Royal Highness nickname. And legal threats soon followed, fueling the existing royal family feud.

Now Meghan faces controversy once again, as a member of the royal family reportedly feels heartbroken over Markle and Harry allegedly STEALING their baby name from her! Get all the royal details below. 

Meghan Markle Causes This Royal Family Member To Cry?!

When Meghan and Harry announced their baby girl’s name, many royal family observers assumed they honored the Queen. And in so doing, the couple followed a tradition.

Kate Middleton, for example,  previously paid homage to other royal family members in naming her offspring. From her daughter Charlotte to her sons Louis and George, each child owes her or his name to a relative. 

In naming their daughter Lilibet Diana, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex honored both Queen Elizabeth II (“Lilibet” is her personal nickname) and the late Princess Diana (Harry’s beloved mother). Born June 4, Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor becomes Queen Elizabeth II’s eleventh great-grandchild, ranking eighth in the line of succession to the British throne.

But while Meghan and Harry experience baby joy, another member of the royal family reportedly is “in tears” over the baby name decision, an insider told New Idea.

Last month, Princess Beatrice revealed that she and her husband Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi look forward to welcoming their very first child into the world. And the source also claims that Meghan stole the name that Bea wanted!

“Beatrice got teary when she heard they’d gone with Lili,” explained the insider. “And with good reason. Everyone knew she had planned ever since she was a little girl to call her firstborn daughter Lily, inspired by her grandmother. Now that dream is in tatters, and she’s heartbroken.”

Princess Beatrice May Get ‘Last Laugh’ In Baby Name Brouhaha!

Princess Beatrice apparently doesn’t feel any anger over the change in the throne succession line. (She now is tenth in line to the throne).

Instead, Bea’s alleged upset focuses on the name. (Worth noting: Princess Beatrice decided NOT to learn the baby’s gender, but “feels in her heart that the baby will be a girl,” says the insider.)

Queen Elizabeth and Princess Beatrice always have been close. At Bea’s recent wedding, the Queen loaned her both a white dress and the Queen Mary Tiara that Elizabeth wore on her own wedding day.

But some sources claim Princess Beatrice will enjoy the “last laugh” over what she allegedly feels is the theft of the baby name.

“After everything that Meghan and Harry have done, Prince Charles may choose not to give their kids princess and prince titles when he becomes king,” predicted one insider. 

In contrast to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s children, Princess Beatrice has an alternative route to a coveted royal title.

And the source claims that path represents something that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry lack.

“Bea has another avenue into getting her future child a title. Edo is a count through the Italian side of his family and they’re looking into whether Baby Mozzi may be eligible to inherit it,” explained the insider.

Will the baby name battle turn into the royal title war? Get all your royal family updates and news on our site!

  1. Guest says

    I dont doubt she stole the name.

  2. Bruno1234 says

    Wiith his grandmother
    The name is irrelevant,Harry should have discussed

  3. Guest says

    This is totally ridiculous ! Parents have the right to name there children anything they see fit! The Queen should feel honored to have a grandchild named after her and along other Harry’s mother Princess Diana ! You know princess Beatrice is just causing trouble, if she wants to name her daughter LIlibeti then do it! When Harry and Magen , told all on Oprah on her show it upset the family and they didn’t want everyone to know how screwed up the Royals really are! Willam has cheated on his wife Kate with a mistress just like Prince Charles did too Harry and Willams mother Princess Diana ! Like father like son! Charles let by example to his kids! He treated Princess Diana Horribly and in the end sh said she always felt there where 3 people in the marriage, Charles, Diana, Camellia! Time will only tell if Willam is just like Charles and leave Kate for his mistress or not ! People should just leave Harry and his family alone! They asked to step back from all of the Royals and there Firm just let them live in peace!

  4. Guest says

    Crazy Meg knew exactly what she was doing when she chose that name, and her intentions were not honourable. She is a nasty piece of work with a vindictive, evil streak and she gets some kind of twisted satisfaction out of playing her mean tricks on people, ultimately to get attention, (good or bad), and to get her own way. Leave it to Hazy Harry to choose someone like her for a wife!!!!

  5. Jezz says

    The Queen is well aware she doesn't own her pet name, it hasn't been copy written like coke. However I can see that the Queen and her family might feel it's a another slap in the face using the pet name their grandfather used for his grandmother. They didn't care enough about either grandparents to even stall that spiteful interview whilst Phillip was dying and his grandmother obviously grieving, so it does seem the name is being used disingenuously and that's what's causing the upset. It would have seemed more appropriate to call her Oprah after ignoring their sick grandfather and trash talking their grandmother and family.

  6. Guest says

    How do you know? Do you know anything about what's going on besides what you read. I read the things they were saying about Meg and her baby on this site day in and everyday when she was pregnant with their son , they even had a picture looking like a monkey and saying also that he looked like Snoop Dog. Some people are evil and they love to read lies and believe them.

  7. Guest says

    Agree with you, not cancelling the interview was a sad decision that shows a lack of empathy.

  8. Guest says

    OMG thieves! The spider web keeps getting bigger and bigger where will it end?

  9. Jezz says

    Totally, I think if they had even postponed that interview whilst Philip was sick and their family so worried it would have shown some semblance of love and compassion. By proceeding with the interview under those circumstances has made it difficult for people to believe using their grandparents pet name is really genuine. I wouldn't be surprised if the Queen and Royals are feeling the same as we are.

  10. Jezz says

    I'm worried it will end like Diana. Harry should be able to see the signs and how destructive it is. Only a fool would keep going down this path having lost a parent in a similar situation.

  11. Phyllis Deckert says

    If they wanted to honor the Queen, they should have named the girl Elizabeth! Lilibet was a personal nickname that none of the others used, because they knew better. I'm sure this was Nutmeg's choice as a slam at the Queen, especially attaching it to Diana which I'm sure was also upsetting to her Majesty. Her Majesty has never been anything but kind to MeGain and does not deserve the pairs treatment of late. Critcising the entire family on any talk show that will give them air time or in the press is very strange behavior. I thought Harry despised the press?

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