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Royal Family News: Queen Elizabeth Tired Of Prince Harry’s Whining and Mudslinging?

Queen Elizabeth British royal family news divulges that the monarchy may be getting tired of being Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan Markle’s punching bag. Thus far they have endured numerous public excoriations by the pair, most notably in a mudslinging interview with Oprah Winfrey, but have chosen to take the high road even as the pair get more and more voracious in their airing of dirty laundry.

Now one royal expert is predicting that Queen Elizabeth and her family can only take so much, they are human after all. To listen to Prince Harry and Meghan the royals are cold, calculating bots, but what they may have failed to factor into the equation is that both of their families are inhabited by warm-blooded humans who have limits like every other living creature.

Royal Family News – Oprah Winfrey Has Not Interviewed Thomas Markle

The evidence of this is the fact that Meghan’s father, after being name-called and bullied by her on public platforms, is finally doing an interview of his own. No, it’s not because Oprah offered him equal air time, even after he hand-delivered a letter to her house making the request.

On Sunday night an interview with Thomas airs on 60 Minutes and he has intimated that he will drop his own version of the truth.

Will Queen Elizabeth do the same? It’s not likely she will appear on a tacky talk show anytime soon. But one expert says that she may be tiring of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s incessant whining and mudslinging.

Royal Family News – Tacky Talk Shows Aren’t For Queen Elizabeth

Royal watcher Daniela Elser told that she has heard that Buckingham Palace is ready to rumble—as much as is allowed by the protocol of course.

She said, “This in and of itself is extraordinary and if the palace does continue to stand its ground then this would represent the house of Windsor’s biggest pushback against the rabble-rousing couple since their sensational departure from the palace in January last year.”

If this is the case, then it should come as no surprise, least of all to the bullying Markle’s. Even the birth of their daughter last week did not diminish Harry’s aggression toward his family, nor the media.

Royal Family News – Why Is Prince Harry So Angry?

On what should have been a happy and preoccupying occasion, Harry instead made waves by choosing to go after his favorite targets at a time when one would normally be celebrating life. Instead, he threatened legal action against the BBC after they expressed that the palace told them that Harry failed to tell the queen that he would name his daughter after her.

What a bizarre instance in which to get riled up and fire off threats. But that is exactly what the public, and sadly their families, have come to expect from this trash-talking pair. What is wrong with this picture?

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  1. Guest says

    Harry is scary. He's gotten very out there with his comments and behavior while his wife cashes the checks.

  2. Guest says

    Maybe The Royal Family
    Should Step Back & Think
    About The Harm They Inflicted On Diana & Her
    Boys, Charles Was No
    Innocent Having An On
    Going Affair While Married
    & While Camilla Was Married,
    So They Should All Stop
    With The Bellyaching &
    Whining On Harry's Part
    Just Walk Away From The
    Drama, No One Is Innocent
    On Either End.

  3. Phyllis Deckert says

    Harry needs mental help. Always has needed it. Nutmeg takes advantage of that.. The royal family is well rid of him and Nutmeg! Naming their daughter Liliabet without discussing it with the Queen was very out of line. That was Prince Phillip's pet name for the Queen. It would have been better to name her Elizabeth.

  4. Guest says

    So no pictures of the newest addition to the family? Why? is she a beautiful chocolate baby girl?

  5. Jezz says

    When adult children are being abusive, especially when the abuse has such a public platform it's no wonder they are tired and exhausted by all these nasty accusations. What is there for anyone to say or do if their adult children won't discuss their issues in private and genuinely try to sort things out. It doesn't seem Harry and Megan genuinely want to resolve matters, they just want Charles and family to bend to their wants and to keep their family matters publically profitable. I would imagine the Queen, Charles and family would love to find a happy, private resolution to this situation but how do they get there because Harry and Megan have publically shown they can't be trusted. H&M believe their views of situations are right and their families are wrong but just look at our comments here on this hub, we all have our own views, they often differ but that doesn't make any of us absolutely right or wrong. We all have our own take on things the important thing is to hear others out, especially when it comes to family matters and try to understand others take on things. I think things with H&M have gone so far their family believe they can now do no right and anything they say will be misconstrued and publically used against them.

  6. Guest says

    They want to stand on their own let them!
    Take everything away from both of them. The Royal Family took everything away from the Queen's Uncle when he left to marry Mrs. Walles!
    That's why the Queen is the Queen!
    I really think Megan is the problem!

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