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Meghan Markle’s Dad Thomas Furious She’s Keeping Grandkids From Him

British royal family news reveals that Meghan Markle’s dad Thomas Markle is hitting back at his daughter and her husband Prince Harry, calling them outrageous for keeping their kids away from him.

The 79-year old papa told “Good Morning Britain” he’s outraged and heartbroken that he’s been denied the opportunity to meet 3-year-old Archie and 2-year-old Lilibet.

Royal Family News: Meghan Called Cruel

Thomas said “I’m very upset about it as well because this is a cruel thing to do to a grandparent … to deny the right to see their grandchild.”

“The other thing is I’ve done nothing wrong. There’s nothing that points to say I’m a bad guy. I’m a really loving father and she knows that, and there’s no excuse for treating me this way … no excuse to treat grandparents that way.”

Meghan Markle’s Dad Thomas Furious She’s Keeping Grandkids From Him

Royal Family News: Thomas Markle Outraged

With Harry and Meghan now living in California they are a short road trip away from Markle Sr. who’s retired to coastal Mexico.

He also talked about a California law “that allows grandparents to get a court order forcing parents to let them visit with their grandkids” but he doesn’t want to be the bad guy by invoking it.

It’s been widely reported that “the rift between Meghan and her dad erupted in 2018, during the run-up to the royal wedding, when Thomas made deals with the paparazzi.”

According to TMZ, Thomas sees himself in the same boat as King Charles, with both being shut out of their grandkids’ lives.

Royal Family News: Meghan Keeping Kids From Grandparents?

The health problems of Markle’s estranged father are well documented, with a heart attack and stroke reportedly striking the elderly man in the last few years.

Understandably, he wants to meet his grandkids before it’s too late: “I’m heartbroken. I am very upset. This is a cruel thing to do to a grandparent, to deny the right to see a grandchild.”

Adding to the irony, Meghan’s big career start came because she’s a nepo baby. The retired TV lighting director was working on the set of ABC’s General Hospital when he reportedly snagged her a role as a background nurse. And this is how she repays her father? Tell us what you think about this mess royal fans!

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