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Meghan Markle Gets Personal On “Archetypes” To Boost Episode Rankings

Meghan Markle’s Spotify podcast “Archetypes” hit the ground running from day one, and no one can rightly say otherwise. From the very first podcast to others down the line, the 41-year-old Duchess and her team have used tidbits of her life to drive the episodes on. But mostly, it’s the drama that sells, and in between dissecting the labels society sometimes heaves upon women, she’s talking about her personal life at home with husband Harry and two children.

She’s also had notable speaking guests on the show, from singer Mariah Carey to actress Issa Rae and many other wonderful women from different backgrounds.

Body Language Expert Explores The Reason Meghan Drops Her Life Story In Between Conversations In Her Podcast Series

From a fire in Archie’s nursery in South Africa to declaring that she’s actually “43% Nigerian”, the Duchess has continued to make headlines every week with each new episode of her podcast.

Why use the dramatic approach to marketing? Well, people simply love drama: it’s why most of us naturally prefer movies to documentaries, and Meghan Markle knows how to bring it.

Meghan Markle Drops In Tidbits Of Her Life On “Archetypes” To Boost Episode Rankings

Speaking on Express, body language expert Judi James analyzed Meghan’s approach to her podcast series, saying: “Meghan’s life story seems to be dropped in many parts each week on her podcasts.

“Each one that comes out seems engineered to reveal some new detail or fact of her life and it is those ‘reveals’ that seem to hit the headlines even more than the points she is discussing.

“They also seem to promote the feeling that we are being invited to get to know her piece by piece, like a huge jigsaw puzzle.”

Meghan Markle’s Rare Insights Into The Life Of A Royal Family Member At Bedtime Is “Significant”, Expert Says

As for the latest podcast episode featuring Issa Rae and Ziwe, Judi James said that the clues left on it were rather interesting ones.

“With this podcast we get three key Meghan reveals or glimpses, although these ones are much lighter on the tears and sadness over her own suffering and pain and either more upbeat and positive or more suitable for the gossip mags,” James commented.

The story of Harry reading to Meghan in bed was seen as a significant one by the expert because it’s very rare to hear about the bedtime rituals of a member of the British royal family.

“This is possibly the first time a U.K. audience has ever been given any glimpse of any royal and their bedtime habits since Michael Fagan broke into the late Queen’s bedchamber and she was there alone,” James asserted.

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