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Meghan Markle Is Desperate To Make Her Memoir A Huge Commercial Success

Seeing how Prince Harry’s tell-all memoir, Spare, was a massive success, it seems like Meghan Markle is doing whatever she can to replicate that same success or make her book even better.

In fact, there’s a new report that suggests the Duchess of Sussex is facing quite the challenge to make her tell-all book the biggest memoir on the market. That probably won’t be so difficult, either. Here’s what you need to know.

Meghan Markle Is Desperate To Make Her Memoir A Huge Commercial Success

Rumor has it that Prince Harry’s wife is currently writing her own autobiography. But apparently, she’s going to have to fight for what she wants to put in the book.

Meghan Markle Is Desperate To Make Her Memoir A Huge Commercial Success

Royal expert Christine Ross recently put it this way to “The publisher knows that people would be dying of curiosity to see what she might reveal. Keeping her comments on the royal family to a minimum would probably benefit her in the long run, but publishers probably want her to reveal a bigger more juicy gossip because that is what really sells.”

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Ross also added that this book is definitely going to be a make or break moment for the Duchess of Sussex. It might help her soar in the popularity polls or plummet, all depending on how the book does.

She continued, “I think she will struggle to balance what is best for her and her image, and what the publishers want to sell. If she stuck to ‘just Meghan’, rather than cashing in further on her Duchess of Sussex title, she might win some favor back from the public as well.”

So far the Duchess of Sussex herself hasn’t made any comments about her future book plans but seeing how Prince Harry made a lot of money with his book, there’s a very good chance that she will follow suit.

Watch this space as we have a feeling there is so much more royal drama to come.

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