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Meghan Markle Slammed By Montecito Neighbors: Why No One Complained About Prince Harry!

Royal family news and updates reveal that Meghan Markle might want to try becoming a better neighbor. And a new report reveals how the Duchess of Sussex recently faced slams from those living near her in Montecito, California.

Find out why Meghan’s neighbors complained about her. And keep reading to see why only Meghan, not Harry, sparked a backlash in the neighborhood.

Meghan Markle Called ‘High And Mighty’

It’s all about the attitude, according to Meghan Markle’s neighbors. And those living close to the Duchess of Sussex slammed her as “high and mighty” to the Express. However, they spared Prince Harry their wrath.

Meghan Markle Slammed By Montecito Neighbors: Why No One Complained About Prince Harry!

But one neighbor shared that because of her attitude, some hope that Meghan will move. For instance, a critic complained that Meghan acts as if she feels superior to others. “And we cannot wait for her to go,” added the Montecito, California resident of the former actress.

And other neighbors agree. One shared an attempt to reveal the history of the town to Meghan and Harry. But the couple didn’t seem interested. And they also tend to stay in their £11.5 million mansion in Montecito or travel.

Meghan Markle Focuses On Celebrity, Harry On Charity

As for why the couple chose Santa Barbara, California, the town has become known for its star-studded population. And their luxurious mansion features a tennis court, outdoor swimming pool, and 16 bedrooms. Celebrities in the area include Oprah Winfrey, Bruce Willis, Tom Cruise and Fred Couples. But polls reveal Meghan falling in terms of popularity amid her attempts to become a beloved celebrity.

However, Harry has fared better in the popularity polls. But observers have noted that the Duchess of Sussex and Duke of Sussex increasingly spend time apart. And their focus has changed as well. For instance, Meghan has turned to focusing on her celebrity brand. But in contrast, Prince Harry has shared that he wants to focus on charity work. 

And the recent Invictus Games showed that the Duke of Sussex in some ways has returned to the days of his royal glory, noted Newsweek. But when Harry first joined with Meghan in stepping back from his royal duties, his popularity gradually fell. However, the Invictus Games saw a comeback for Prince Harry. 

Prince Harry Returns To ‘Universal Popularity’

And a standing ovation from the crowd, coupled with Harry’s own warm remarks and embrace of veterans, made a difference. Royal family correspondent Jack Royston pointed out that the Duke of Sussex held onto support of the Invictus community. And after co-founding it in 2014, Harry made a return “to basically a place where he still enjoys the kind of universal popularity in this Invictus Games community that he enjoyed in Britain,” noted Royston

However, Harry leaving the royal family did make a difference in terms of his popularity in the UK. But Royston noted that though Harry has “become a bit of a hate figure in Britain, he’s more liked in America.” And though in some ways Harry remains a “divisive” figure, the Invictus community still adores him. “Exactly like old times in Britain and they really respect and love him for what he’s done for them in creating this tournament,” added the royal expert.

Tell us what you think. How do you feel about Meghan Markle getting slammed as high and mighty? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more royal family news.

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  1. Anita says

    Ever sinceever since this allever since this all started between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry I’ve always felt that she didn’t truly love him that she used him for her acting status thinking if she became a royal she would be even more popular I wish Prince Harry would open his eyes and get rid of her

  2. Hadassah says

    Who cares, get a life. She is a married adult with children. Which neighbor likes her is not a priority.

  3. Susie says

    I so wish that they both would open there BIBLES and get closer, It’s a hard world out there without a real friend and solid footings of understanding. I will pray for them and all there families. ♥️

    1. bohemiangirl says


      1. Phyllis says

        It is absolutely appalling to correct another’s mistake! It is usually someone who feels rather inferior! We all know someone who tends to appear superior, however, the reality is that they show themselves to be insecure and needy!

  4. Cindy says

    Harry would do better without Meghan as she is just looking to make a huge name for herself. We don’t care about Meghan Markle. She is too busy trying to claim she is somebody and she hasn’t been in movies in the US. I think she wants her neighbors and everyone else to make a big deal over her. She is a BIG NOBODY

  5. Rose says

    I tend not to believe many of these stories. Meghan’s friends say she is kind and a lovely person. She was not treated well by the UK press and the Royal did not stand up for her. In fact some contributed. Meghan is an independent woman and Harry loves her for that. It caused strife for him within his family. He’s been the rebel in his family so no surprise he took his wife and left. People should stop making up stories about them. I’d be cautious who I talk to if I were Meghan too.

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