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Piers Morgan Exposes TWO Omid Scobie Lies, Advises Hard Pass On Endgame

British royal family news divulges that Omid Scobie has the world calling for his lickspittle on a stick. His latest bizarre and ugly rant against the royals, Endgame, dropped today and it could spell the end of his barely tolerated “journalism” career.

At least he still has soul mate Meghan Markle, who for the record denies having anything to do with the book that skewers her royal rival Princess Kate.

Princess Pinocchio denied she spilled info for his first royal pain in the behind book, Finding Freedom, until Scobie thanked her publicly for her participation. Today Piers Morgan blasted Scobie as a liar, a “lickspittle author.”

According to Piers, a lickspittle is someone “willing to lick the spit off another person’s lips and tell them it’s wonderful, however awful that person may be … a fawning, sycophantic, brown-nosing toady who gushes insincere flattery for personal gain.”

Piers Morgan Exposes TWO Omid Scobie Lies, Advises Hard Pass On Endgame

Royal Family News: Scooby Doo Where Are You?

Scobie’s book cruelly roasts Kate, Meghan’s royal rival, as a grinning fake, without an ounce of warmth in her soul. Anyone who’s seen one picture of the next queen will wonder what Scobie is putting in his pipe and smoking.

Piers calls Omid Scobie a “weirdly pale-faced, heavy-eyebrowed little weasel who makes a living peddling constant garbage about the royal family on behalf of the world’s most disingenuous victims, Meghan and Harry.”

Royal Family News: Piers Morgan Blasts Lickspittle Omid Scobie

Morgan calls the pale weasel a liar and he’s not wrong according to his facts. The lickspittle diva lied about his age: “In 2020 told journalist Andrew Billen that he was 33, when in fact he’s 38. He then tried to lie about his lying, insisting he never told Billen his false age, until Billen confirmed it was all on tape.” Ruh roh.

How did Scooby handle the truth? When confronted about his lie, he told The Times this week: “That was unfortunate and naive of me. You live and learn.”

Royal Family News: Omid Lied About His Age?

More of his lies came out in the same interview, calling into question the contents of his bitter little book. Scobie denied using private jets–until the interviewer pointed to an Insta pic of him on one.

Mr. Lickspittle replied “OK, that was a private jet. But that was only going from LA to Palm Springs. It was very short.” He then deleted the photo of him on a private jet from his Insta.

As Piers notes, his credibility in Endgame can only be less than zero. In it he paints “Meghan and Harry as heroic, bullied, disrespected freedom fighters battling a vile and decrepit institution intent on destroying them.”

Readers did not buy Scooby’s BS with one writing “Omid, Omid, Omid, me thinks you did yourself more damage than you did to the Royal Family” and another posting “Is Endgame being published as a fictional or non fictional book?

Well written article by Morgan highlighting Scobie’s complete lack of credibility and history of lying, not to mention Rachel committing perjury in court in order to hide that she was a PRIMARY source for Finding Freedom by Scobie.

Tell us royal fans, who do you believe, an admitted liar or your own eyes and ears as regards the royal family and the traitors in its midst?

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