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Golden Bachelor Contestants Learn Gerry Turner ‘Lied,’ Fraud Rumors Soar!

The Golden Bachelor has portrayed its star Gerry Turner as a sweet, wholesome man. And the reality TV show revealed Turner describing how he rarely dated after the death of his wife Toni.

But a shocking new report alleges that the Golden Bachelor star lied about his past. And those rumors portraying Gerry as a player and a fraud now seem true. Keep reading to learn how contestants reacted.

Golden Bachelor Spoilers – Gerry Turner’s Dark Past Revealed

Gerry Turner became a star on the Golden Bachelor. And he charmed contestants and viewers with his story about how the loss of his wife Toni after 43 years together caused him to avoid any serious romances. But a new report via TV Show Ace raises allegations that Turner lied about his history.

Golden Bachelor Contestants Learn Gerry Turner ‘Lied,’ Fraud Rumors Soar!

And a woman who chose to remain anonymous revealed that Gerry did not tell the truth when he claimed to have experienced no real romances after his wife’s death. The woman revealed that in contrast to the Golden Bachelor star claiming to lack any serious dating history, she dated him for 10 months. 

And the two then lived together in Indiana for a year and nine months. As a result, contestants who trusted Gerry on the Golden Bachelor feel shocked and perturbed to learn that Turner lied to them and to viewers.

Golden Bachelor Spoilers – Contestants Feel Turner ‘Lied’

An insider from the Golden Bachelor revealed, “The perfect guy fantasy has been shattered and a lot of the women who fell in love with him feel lied to. It’s put a dark cloud over the whole show that was finally getting raves for finding a genuine, caring guy who stole America’s heart.”

However, viewers also have felt upset. And the woman who described her past relationship with Turner still claims they stayed together for more than two years. They met and worked together at Vera French Mental Health Center in Davenport, Iowa.

And just a month after Toni’s death, Gerry invited the woman to dinner. Turner then told her that they had become soul mates. But after she moved in, Turner insisted that she pay for half of all expenses and make the bed before breakfast.

However, the turning point came when Turner took back his invitation to his class reunion. And he told her that because she gained 10 pounds, he disliked her appearance. As a result, the two split. And as she moved out, she fell down the stairs.

That fall required foot surgery. But Turner claimed she fell deliberately so she could stay longer. As a result, he forced her to move out and stay in a hotel. 

Tell us what you think. Which image of Gerry Turner do you believe: The wholesome, sweet man who never dated seriously after his wife’s death? Or the player and fraud? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more reality TV news.

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